Fort Collins riot: 7 accused, charges pending on 9 others in post-NewWestFest/Old Town melee

On Monday, we shared videos of rioting in Old Town Fort Collins and noted that local police were studying such footage in an attempt to identify participants in the free-for-all. Now, the Fort Collins Police have named seven people (only one a CSU student) they've accused of riot-related crimes to date. Charges are pending against nine more, and cops are trying to I.D. six others. Get details from the FCPD below.

Names of Persons Cited in Weekend Disturbance Released

The following seven persons have been cited in the disturbance that occurred over the weekend that is estimated to have caused approximately $12,000 in property damage. While citations have been issued to the following people, officers continue to investigate the disturbance and may determine additional charges are appropriate against these individuals.

● Michael Ray Harrison, 28 years of age (DOB 10/10/1981) of Fort Collins, CO charged with resisting arrest (Class 2 Misdemeanor) and disorderly conduct (Petty Offense)

● Jeffery Lane Cooper, 45 years of age (DOB 9/12/1964) of Fort Collins, CO charged with disorderly conduct (Petty Offense)

● Lucas Matthew Crider, 21 years of age (DOB 8/28/1988) of Eaton, CO charged with trespass (Petty Offense) and disorderly conduct (Petty Offense)

● Landon Eugene Eskew, 21 years of age (DOB 2/01/1989) of Fort Morgan, CO charged with obstructing a peace officer (Class 2 Misdemeanor)

● Sean L. Nider, 21 years of age (DOB 5/26/1989) of Windsor, CO charged with trespass (Petty Offense) and disorderly conduct (Petty Offense)

● Shane Alan Walter, 22 years of age (DOB 9/2/1987) of Greeley, CO charged with obstructing a peace officer (Class 2 Misdemeanor)

● Terry Lee Washington Jr., 25 years of age (DOB 12/18/1984) of Fort Collins, CO charged with disobeying a public safety order (Class 3 Misdemeanor)

Only one of the above offenders (Landon Eugene Eskew) has been identified as a CSU student.

Charges are pending against nine additional participants and investigating officers are continuing to work through contacts, Colorado State University and other sources to identify at least six other participants.

Booking photographs are not available as the above individuals were issued citations.

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