Freedom Belle

Christine Smith wanted to be the first female president of the United States, the first Coloradan and the first Libertarian in the Oval Office. And the 41-year-old Golden woman, who ran a principled if underdog-style campaign, thought she had a good chance of winning her party’s nomination at its national convention in Denver in May.

But the delegates nominated former Republican Congressman Bob Barr as their presidential candidate instead -- and now Smith isn’t even a Libertarian.

Still wincing from what she sees as the party’s complete abandonment of its principles in selecting Barr on May 25, Smith posted a scathing article on her website, www.libertarianforpresident.com, and announced that she is leaving the party.

“What I saw at the Libertarian Party convention disgusted me,” she wrote. “I thought Libertarians actually believed in libertarian principle and that would always be their highest priority. I was wrong…Obviously, the majority of Libertarian delegates cared nothing about libertarian principle when they chose Barr…Sunday was a tragedy as we lost the political party I, and others nationwide, had hope in.”

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