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"Rear View," Jason Sheehan, December 31

Bleepless in

Jason's "Rear View" was fantastic, as usual. I am still dreading the day when he takes his awesome writing style and packs it up for Seattle to enjoy. At least the Internet will still let us glimpse what he's tasting, and we'll see if we can make a match here in Denver.

Jason, thanks for always being right on the mark — you're never wrong. It was a yummy year, thanks to you!



Months back, I put down Westword, looked at my husband and proclaimed what I thought was an ingenious idea: "Jason Sheehan should write a book!" Then — I shit you not — I was at the gynecologist's office just a couple of days later with one heel in the stirrup, flipping through an issue of Time, and I almost fell off the table: Cooking Dirty. Ran home, googled the book and found out it was being released the next day. Sheehan's book blew us away. The Chinese restaurant...back alley...basement experience — can't make that up.

He is an asshole for leaving.

Good luck in Seattle, Jason. You will probably need to get one of those light lamps or something so you don't end up shaking in a corner of your living room suffering from Vitamin D depletion.


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Editor's note: Jason Sheehan's final review for Westword appears on page 27. But this won't be the last word from him; Sheehan will be posting for Cafe Society before he heads off to Seattle — and on the blog, you'll also find many more comments about his desertion.

The December 24 and 31 Covers

We've Got You

I laughed for a second when I saw the cover of the Year in Review, but really? Do we have to give this half-witted fucktard any more pub? Richard Heene is a disgrace to Colorado and fathers all over the globe. Even Tiger Woods thinks the guy is a twit!

Thank you. Haven't missed an edition since 1996.

Mattie Bicknell


Your recent covers have been sheer genius. I loved the Year in Review, but I don't think you'll ever top Kenny Be's Charlie Brown Christmas cover. That was the best present I got this year.

Denver may be going to pot (and thank you for all your coverage of that issue), but Westword is better than ever.

Erin Foster


"A Ruff Day," Off Limits, December 17

Last But Not Leash

I would like to express my annoyance at the Off Limits item regarding the supposed consequences of breaking Denver's dog laws. The two people featured were not arrested for failure to immunize or leash their dogs, but for, in the first case, failing to ensure that the immunization paperwork was received, and in the second, failing to appear in court and pay the requisite fine. The implication in this article was that these two gentlemen were wrongly arrested, which is completely untrue.

Whether or not you agree with the fact that these two laws are considered criminal and not civil infractions does not change the fact that they are criminal charges, and with any criminal case, there are consequences for the original criminal act as well as seemingly severe penalties for not addressing the charges.

I, and other taxpayers, I'm sure, would have preferred that these two men had not wasted the time of police and court officials by forcing these two unimportant charges to be escalated into arrest warrants, so that our money could be better spent getting dangerous criminals off the streets.

Shannon Mills


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