From the week of November 13, 2008

"Mix Well," Michael Roberts, October 23

TV or Not TV

I'd love to have the opportunity to cuss out Dennis Leonard, the new vice president and hatchet man at Channels 31 and 2, because I think he's an ass. He thinks Fox 31 is such a fantastic station compared to its rival — I wonder what he'd say to me upon learning that I've never watched anything on Channel 31 but have spent years with great news and programming on Channel 2. There was an ad several years ago saying that getting your news was like having someone visit in your home: I have that kind of relationship with Tom, Natalie and Angie every morning (oooh, the news block that Dennis deigns to keep intact — should I bow and kiss the ring?), and now I wonder what will happen with his hacking and slashing of the other newscasts.

Ernie Bjorkman, with "more than a quarter-century of experience" in Denver, and Carl Bilek, with a decades-long career at Channel 2, going and gone? Experience, maturity and consistency balanced with camaraderie and fun is what you need in the news broadcasting business, not bean-counting and "new configurations" and deciding when "no one else needs to be fired." What a fool.

Jim Kiel


"A Hero's Vote," Adam Cayton-Holland, October 30

A Hero's Welcome

I really enjoy reading Adam's articles. They are short, to the point and funny.

I was glad to hear that Adam represented, along with our fellow Americans. This election made me so nervous with excitement; I would have never guessed in a million years that I would be so involved in politics the way I have been this past year. While standing in line for any amount of time, I tend to watch people the same way that Adam does. Not judging them, but being aware of their appearance and personalities, which are often confusing and hilarious.

When Adam wrote about his experience with the cougar ("Cougar Attack!," October 16), I was in shock that any woman — especially a woman who looks as hot as he described her — would put herself out there in such a desperate way. Dick is not hard to get, so why try so hard to get it? Maybe that is only in my world, I don't know. I loved that story and was proud of Adam for keeping his dick in his pants to stand by his beliefs and values, because that is always more important than fucking an old skank in a dark corner so that her self-esteem can go down five more points, as McCain was doing in polls at the time.

Panya Z. Heard


Since when is a woman in her "high thirties, early forties" a cougar? Maybe that would fly if Adam Cayton-Holland was a teenager, but no one who sees him close up, not even a drunk McCain supporter, could mistake him for a kid, unless he's a kid who's aged really badly. I'm 33 now, and by Adam's assessment, I'm apparently just a few short years from "cougardom." While I have every intention of seducing hot younger men (a category in which Cayton-Holland certainly doesn't fit, at least by my assessment) when I am a cougar, I'm not planning on reaching that status for at least another twenty years. Quit flattering yourself, honey.

Natasha Lamoreux


I smiled for about an hour after reading Adam's column about a south Denver cougar. While I'll admit that I'd have chosen to taste some pent-up Republican luvin', I do give him gobs of credit for walking away. It was the right thing to do.

I wanted to thank Adam for the cool and interesting stuff he does. While Jason Sheehan skirts "the search for meaning in an increasingly distracted world" (although I think he's amazing, too), Adam dives in and reports back to us what happens — good, bad or otherwise. He's tops in my book. Maybe he should thumb-wrestle Sheehan and then tell me who wins. "It'll be a battle to the finish. That's a good place to end, don't you think?" (R.I.P. Mitch Hedberg.)

I'm glad they're around and writing. If for some reason this makes it into print, I'm asking for discretion. I work with some conservative folk, and it would not be a good thing to have my name on.

Name withheld on request

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