From the week of October 16, 2008

"In the Bag," Adam Cayton-Holland, October 9

Bag Man

I've found myself, recently, turning first to Ask a Mexican, then Adam Cayton-Holland's column — and then I might read more of the paper if time permits. (And if I need more time on the crapper.) With "In the Bag," the Mexican has taken the #2 spot.

And in case it's not obvious, I don't get out much. Thanks — Adam and Gustavo are great!

Mike Friend


Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano, October 9

We've Been Wabbed

Let's see: Why is it that the terms "gabacho" and "wab" are less offensive than "spic," "greaser," "ofay," "gringo," "honky," etc.?

David Nereson


Gustavo Arellano comes across as an intellectual. If that is the case, he should know that the inundation of the United States by cheap labor from Mexico and elsewhere is part of a grand plot to destroy life in America as we have known it — yet he and others of his mentality defend it.

Every Mexican woman of child-bearing age who has two or more babies simply adds to the world's already enormous cheap labor pool. This dynamic will ensure into the future a lower standard of living for workers in general. I'm trying to grasp the concept that the offspring of people in a country illegally should be granted citizenship by virtue of the Constitution. This is all taking place against the will of the majority.

Mexico's poverty is the fault of the people who are not poor in Mexico. Since Mr. Arellano is such a champion of the rights of Mexico's poor, he should be rallying the people for change where the problem exists. People like Mr. Arellano don't help anyone, not in any real way, except perhaps the people who are pushing for a North American Union and all that that portends.

Anthony Gilchrist


"Sidetracked," Off Limits, October 2

Towering Greed

Build two large, private commercial buildings on each side of the State Capitol? Unbelievable! No way! But this is the plan for the plaza on each side of Denver Union Station.

We say to RTD: The DUS plaza is for public use, not for private gain!

Manny and Joanne Salzman


The National Environmental Policy Act and an Environmental Impact Statement produced under it are to be unbiased, free of predetermined outcomes, with full disclosure, legitimate examination of alternatives and accurate information about actions and impacts, etc. The final DUS EIS does not meet those requirements. The design with buildings in the plaza was adopted in the 1980s and took on a life of its own; adherents have opposed any proper study of alternatives. Sadly, historic preservation of Denver's greatest historic icon seems to be less valuable than commercial use. 

The result is the "negative" comments that some parties sought to overcome in the e-mails mentioned in Westword. Obtuse adherence to a predetermined design is not in the best interests of Denver citizens — present and future generations. The Open Space Initiative Group produced a concept design showing a great public square; images are at

Albert G. Melcher


Letter to the editor, September 25

Mouth of the South

Perhaps one Southerner should be "singled out" — not as a racist, but as an ignorant bozo who doesn't understand the meaning of the words included in her vocabulary. What school taught her that being born in some geographical location with arbitrary borders qualifies her, or anyone else, to be identified as belonging to any particular race?

Ancel Phelps


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