From the week of October 30, 2008

"Amendmentos," Kenny Be, October 2, 9 & 16

Mmmm, Good

Thank God for Kenny Be! Without his three-part "Amendmentos" guide to the initiatives, I would still be trying to fill out my mail-in ballot. Even though he presented his opinions in comic form, I found them seriously good recommendations and followed them all.

Judith Riley


Letters to the Editor, October 23

Begging to Differ

I'm not sure what African-Americans Don Lopez (thinks he) has been talking to, but blacks aren't voting for Barack Obama because he's black — they're voting for him because he's the better candidate. Wake up, dude. Do you really want a mother of five (who charges the state for their plane tickets and Ritz-Carlton hotel rooms) with no legitimate political experience running the country? I know the word "socialism" must be very scary to you, Don, but do you know what's scarier than socialism? Fascism. And as Sinclair Lewis said, "Fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag and carrying the cross."

Please, I'm begging you: Educate yourself.

Stephani Ember


Unlike Timothy Allport, I was very excited to see Councilman Ryan Frazier's support for Amendment 47. Clearly, Mr. Frazier is taking a political risk by following his principles to support a measure that has brought him a lot of criticism. I only wish more community leaders had the same fortitude shown by Mr. Frazier.

Amendment 47 is tough, because when you go after union bosses who are extorting money from hardworking Coloradans, you will be attacked by the bully-like tactics the union bosses employ. In reality, however, Amendment 47, as Mr. Frazier stated, is about returning accountability to those union bosses and giving every worker in Colorado the freedom to choose whether or not to pay dues to a private organization. It's a choice, as Americans, that we should all have.

So thank you, Councilman Frazier. I applaud your efforts, and I will be voting yes on Amendment 47. All freedom-loving readers of Westword should do the same.

Jennifer Flaherty


"Con Game," Patricia Calhoun, October 16

Super Duper

Aw, Jeffco schools super Cindy Stevenson's in a lather over the clever satire Arvada resident Thomas Graham slipped by Jefferson County election officials just before the county Blue Book went to press. "Hurtful"(translation: truthful) words like Graham's are a little thing we call "free speech," Cin. Chin up, though! If things go your way, that'll all change after January 20, 2009!

 Cindy is (again) asking Jeffco taxpayers for a $34 million-a-year mill levy increase, even as district-wide enrollment plummets. Most schools in Jeffco typically operate under 80 percent of capacity; some go as low as 40 percent.

 I'm not as subtly satirical as Graham, so let me just say that's a lot of empty space to heat, even with Cindy's surplus of hot air.

JM Schell


"Cougar Attack!," Adam Cayton-Holland, October 16

Purrfect Storm

This part of What's So Funny says it all: "the type of line that no one actually ever says in real life." Adam should have stopped there; no one buys this story. As they say on, pics or it didn't happen.

Adam is right about one thing: Conservative women are hot. They also have great minds, but Adam will never get close. Liberal women generally resemble roadkill or the men they wish they were (Andrea Dworkin, the late Molly Yard and Rachel Maddow immediately come to mind). The Hollywood types are an exception, but their noggins are so full of bad wiring, I wouldn't want to get near them.

Pat Desrosiers


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