From the week of October 9, 2008

"Save Obama!," Patricia Calhoun, October 2

Barack to Basics

Were this mural of Barack Obama to depict the same sentiment about John McCain, the city wouldn't have to deal with it. Disciples of the Chosen One would trash it in a heartbeat. Here in the "enlightened" neighborhood of Berkeley, we had signs stolen, bumper stickers defaced and tires slashed during the 2004 election cycle. Seems as though "tolerance" extends only to their own benighted views. No signs for us this time; I don't need the vandalism. These idiots hate Governor Sarah Palin as much as they ever hated presidents Bush or Reagan. She has brought out the same derangement, and some of these folks are dangerous.

I have noticed that much of the art regarding Barack Obama reminds me of the stuff seen in Fidel Castro's Cuba, Hugo Chavez's Venezuela and repressive theocracies in the Middle East. How ironic it would be to have those so worried about the United States under the religious right enable their own version of God's right hand to become president.

Pat Desrosiers


Editor's note: For still more on the mural mess, see Calhoun: Wake-Up Call on the Latest Word blog at

"Lifer," Adam Cayton-Holland, September 25

That's Life

Adam Cayton-Holland's article about Amendment 48's creator was very well-done — and hilarious, I might add. The depiction of Kristi Burton as a wind-up doll was dead-on; that is exactly what she is. It is one thing to be religious; that is every American's full-fledged constitutional right. However, when Americans such as Burton use Jesus and God as their excuse to deny themselves liberty and/or the ability to think outside of the box, it's just insane!

Personally, I would find it to be ironic, horrifying and at the same time quite amusing if Amendment 48 were to pass and Burton shortly after is impregnated due to her lack of use of proper contraception; sorry, but abstinence simply does not work! Burton will thereafter be enforced to endure the difficulties of 1) having to decide whether or not to keep the potential human being, 2) pregnancy, in which she will work hard, make sacrifices and live very uncomfortably, and 3) finally, experience the "joy" of childbirth. By "joy," I mean hell. Every single woman I've spoken to about labor has said the same thing: It's excruciatingly painful!

This may not only apply to Burton, but to all women across Colorado. To those remaining victims who will have voted no on 48, I send you my deepest sympathies. I can't even half-comprehend why anybody would think of attempting to outlaw one of the fundamental principles of this country. That is why I am a) strongly advising all confused citizens of Colorado to really think about it, and b) applauding Cayton-Holland for the in-depth look at the level to which our state could possibly be lowering itself.

Beth Peary


Playlist, Michael Roberts, September 25

In a Jam

I just read Michael Roberts's brief review of Frogs Gone Fishin's album. The Frogs admittedly fit into a genre of hippie music, the jam band. Trevor Jones even was as specific to note with tongue in cheek that, yes, they are a jam band, but a Denver jam band, not a "noodly" Boulder jam band. However, to formulate a comprehensive opinion on their music, I would urge you to see them live. Their music and entertainment value on stage have developed exponentially since the record's release, and, as with any good jam band, the Frogs' live show expands on ideas only suggested on the album.

The real question is, why is "hippie music" employed as an insult? Is it because of its idealistic, sometimes blissfully ignorant or silly subtext? From a business perspective, Colorado is a market in which the jam-band genre is popular, and therefore worth performing.

Whitney Testa


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