Gary Coleman busts into our Busted Former Child Star Mug Shot Hall of Fame

Last month, we created our Busted Former Child Star Mug Shot Hall of Fame in honor of onetime Family Ties cast member Brian Bonsall, who was arrested in Boulder for allegedly smacking a pal in the face with a stool back in 2007. Little did we know, another candidate with Colorado ties would make a bid for Hall of Fame induction so soon -- but the amazing image seen here makes Gary Coleman an automatic inductee. Congrats!

Coleman, 41, was arrested in Utah after missing a court date for a domestic violence charge -- and bailed out by a fan of his late '70s-early '80s sitcom Diff'rent Strokes. As for his Colorado connections: A few short years after Strokes ended, Coleman wound up in Denver, where he made news via a couple of model moves, purchasing a model home in Highlands Ranch -- it was dubbed the "Busy Woman's Dream House" because of all its labor-saving amenities -- and taking a job at Caboose Hobbies, a model-train store.

These days, presumably, authorities wouldn't describe him as a model citizen -- which is why he's joined Bonsall and the other child stars on our list. Page through their mug shots below.

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