Gawker: Mayor Hickenlooper is no Don Johnson

Well, we know things have gotten weird when someone is calling our goofy-but-always-diplomatic mayor John Hickenlooper "a killjoy lame-o" while elevating outspoken cowboy-hat-sporting councilman Charlie Brown to the status of the only "sane" person left in Denver.

But that's how Gawker.com has come down on the recent effort by the Hickenlooper administration to sell the Cableland mansion, which was given to the city as the official mayoral residence in 1998 by wealthy television pioneer Bill Daniels.

The Gawker piece, which playing off a weekend New York Times story, also calls Daniels' former bachelor pad "100% totally bitchin'" and Miami Vice-like.

The city council has since tabled the issue.

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