Glendale Prostitution Sting Has Fringe Benefits

The two women that Mike Gross had ordered from Craigslist were running late, and he suspected they might not show, so he found two more in the back of Westword. But the second duo's phone number led him right back to the first pair he'd called, one of whom proceeded to yell at him for the transgression. Still, the women agreed to meet Gross in his room at the Staybridge Suites Hotel in Glendale.

"Hiiii there," Tatiana said when she arrived, her partner, Mia, standing quietly by her side. "How are you?"

"How are you?" replied Gross, the undercover john in this May 18 prostitution sting.

"You look kinda scary," Tatiana said, according to a recorded transcript.

"Please," Gross said. "I've never had anybody call me up on the phone and yell at me before."

"Well, yeah, that's me. I like to yell at people," she said. "Did I scare you? Come on."

"I'm a little scared. There's two of you and one of me."

"It's okay. We like to team up on guys. It's good to get abused every now and then. Don't you know that? Okay, I'm going to check your room real quick — okay, security! Security! Just making sure you're not Mr. Poliiiice Man."

"Why, do I look like the police?"

"Yes, you do, actually, to tell you the truth," Tatiana said.


"'Cuz you do."

"Why? 'Cuz I'm white?" Gross asked.

"You've got that look in your eye."

"Why, 'cuz I'm that brown-haired white guy?"

"You've got that look, that asshole look in your eye. I see you got condoms all over. Why is that? Are you just excited, or do you think you're going to use all these? No. You're only using one, so pick what color," Tatiana said. "You're not that big, are you?"


"Yeah, we'll rule those out," she said. "Nice try, though."

"Sooooo..." Gross said.

"So it's simple," Tatiana said. "We'll start off with a massage. Lay your butt down."

1608539.36.jpg Check out this slide show of mug shots from the Glendale sting, these transcripts of audio recorded during two busts, and a glossary of industry terms to guide the uninitiated through the world of prostitution.

According to the report Gross would later file, "Tatiana directed me to remove the towel that I was wearing and lay down on the bed for my massage. Tatiana and Mia both began massaging my back, buttocks and legs." Later, Gross asked for his turn to massage them, and they took off their shirts and lay on the bed. While he massaged them, the women talked about a porno playing on the TV.

"That is huge."

"Oh, yeah." [Both laugh.]

"She's trying to deep-throat that motherfucker, huh?"

"Uh, she can't."

"Wow, that's huge."


"Look, and she uses both hands."

"It's like a Chipotle burrito."

The conversation continued until Gross asked when he would get to see the two women together. "Soon soon soon," Tatiana said. "But first we're gonna play with you."

At this point, Lieutenant Gross of the Glendale Police Department would later write in his report, "both Tatiana and Mia grabbed my penis and Tatiana began placing a condom on my penis while Mia held it."

The recording stops shortly after that, before other officers entered the room and arrested Tatiana and Mia. They were among nine women and one man (a female officer busted the man) picked up as part of the operation, dubbed the "Father's Day Special." The sting and the Glendale Police Department's handling of it are now under investigation by the Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office, although that office won't discuss specifics.

Gross began the operation with a sexy and petite Asian, who, for $300 an hour, offered the "Ultimate Girlfriend Experience," according to police records.

Also that day, Gross called 21-year-old "Honey," who told him she could be his for $125. Gross said he was prepared to offer $150. Honey promised to make it worth his while. According to Gross's report, Honey arrived in the room and then asked for her "donation." After he paid, she disrobed and seated Gross on the bed, removed his towel and placed her hand on his penis. Honey's three rules were no kissing, always wear a condom, and no "Greek" (anal sex). He agreed and gave the arrest signal.

Gross also called on Marie, a Native American woman whose Craigslist resumé included full service, French, hand jobs, deep French kissing, "dinner at the Y" (cunnilingus) and the "girlfriend" or "porn star" experience. According to his report, Marie removed his towel and reached for his penis, but he pulled back.

Gross ordered another tag team that evening, Heavenly and Dallas. Having sex with them was like having sex with Liza Minnelli and Bette Midler — "not for everyone, but worth the ride" — according to a former customer who reviewed the duo on a hooker messenger board that Gross reviewed before the sting.

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