God's eye photos of Denver from Prayer One, Jeff Puckett's holy helicopter

This week's feature story by

Melanie Asmar

, "

A Wing and a Prayer: Jeff Puckett's Helicopter Gets Denver Closer to God

," profiles Jeff Puckett, who leads an all-volunteer helicopter ministry that takes community members and pastors high above Denver. It's a great photo spot, as you can see below.

Puckett, who pilots the Prayer One helicopter, came up with a question he asks everyone he talks to about Prayer One, whether they're religious leaders or schoolchildren: What's your helicopter?

"Find something in your life that you're passionate about," he says. "It's not necessarily about making the almighty dollar, but it's about giving back to your community and to mankind."

Photographer Anthony Camera shot hundreds of photos that didn't make it into the print feature, so we're sharing them with you here on Latest Word.

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