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part 3 of 3 Best Place to Get Tanked Fish Den 5055 W. 44th Ave. Which came first--the fish or the tank? If you're planning a home aquarium, we suggest it should be the tank. You can get that--in any size--at the Fish Den, as well as aquatic plants to...
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part 3 of 3
Best Place to Get Tanked
Fish Den
5055 W. 44th Ave.

Which came first--the fish or the tank? If you're planning a home aquarium, we suggest it should be the tank. You can get that--in any size--at the Fish Den, as well as aquatic plants to gussy it up. Then you can pick out your fine, finny aquarium denizens. The Den carries both fresh- and salt-water varieties in all sizes, dispositions and color combinations, along with snails, anemones, eels and octopi. Go with the flow.

Best Items Sold for a Song
Wild Birds Unlimited
Three metro locations

Folks looking to create a user-friendly environment for birds are all a-twitter over Wild Birds Unlimited, an emporium designed to turn back yards into mini-nature preserves. The stores not only have all the stuff--an array of birdfeeders, various feed mixes, and birdhouses ranging from a studio efficiency model to a split-level ranch--that you'll need to attract a flock, but they also give you something to do once your yard is alive with song: Handbooks and videos, bird-identification manuals, viewing scopes and checklists galore await shoppers who don't yet know what to do with 25 pounds of seed and a fancy birdbath. The shop offers in-store programs and classes as well, and if you desire an entire menagerie out back, Wild Birds Unlimited also deals in butterfly and squirrel supplies.

Best Snakes and Lizards
Reptilian Haven
5500 W. 44th Ave.

If you're looking seriously for a little cold-blooded something, Reptilian Haven is likely to have it. But even if you're merely a lizard lookey-loo, it's still the best place to go to see snakes, frogs and geckos this side of the Denver Zoo's Tropical Discovery exhibit. Some of the creatures here are downright obscene (including boas, scorpions and tarantulas for the heavy-metal crowd). Others--gentle, pale green iguanas up to four feet in length, neon-bright tree frogs and Cameroonian blue-bellied toads--are strangely beautiful. Reptilian Haven also sells things reptiles like to eat, but remember what the sign says: "All rodent and insect sales are final."

Best Cat Paraphernalia
Meow Mart
5985 W. 11th Ave., Lakewood

This no-kill shelter run by the Cat Care Society is so thoroughly into cats that it not only houses and adopts them, but it sells just about any item a feline could ever hanker for in the Meow Mart, an attached boutique. Soft, purr-inducing pillow beds in tailored kitty sizes are among the most popular products sold here, but you'll also find toys--some catnip-infused, others just plain guaranteed to drive cats wild: feathery, weighted thingies called Kitty Birds, oat seeds for windowsill chewing gardens and various interactive amusements on sticks. Cats and cat lovers alike will find something to sink their claws into.

Best Cat House
Cat's Cradle Cattery
4363 Kipling St.

If you're overwhelmed with guilt at the thought of leaving your beloved kitty at a kennel while you jet off to some glamorous resort, fret no more. Cat's Cradle, where the motto is "Like staying at Grandma's," is just the place for her. With available amenities such as skylights, stereo, air-conditioning and a strict "cats only" policy to keep out the ruff!-raff, chances are Pusskins will have a better vacation than you will.

Best Dog Hotel
Tenaker Kennel and Vet Clinic
895 Laredo St., Aurora

At Tenaker, dog guests are housed in heated kennels with access to indoor/outdoor runs. There's a grooming shop and veterinarian on the premises, as well as a therapeutic swimming pool for pups in need of special care. Rates are set by the dog's weight, so you know Fido will be well-fed. Reservations are recommended--and inspections by doting comparison shoppers are encouraged.

Best Designer Dogwear
Pooch! An Emporium for Dogs and Cats
2817 E. 3rd Ave.

Walking a Chihuahua when it's 5 below is an ordeal for all concerned. So don't bark up the wrong tree--get your little handful outfitted for winter at Pooch!, where patrons can choose from fashionable designer doggy coats, sweatsuits, velvet capes, cowboy hats and functional fleece booties in all shapes and sizes. While you're there, you can pick up a personalized chow bowl and a handmade cloth collar or two.

Best Place to Get Help for a Problem Dog
Denver Dumb Friends League
2080 S. Quebec St.

Forget the private trainers--some have the habit of being "picky" about what problems they'll bother themselves to deal with. Denver Dumb Friends League training is cheap ($30), and they don't give up unless you do. Classes run for eight weeks and focus on "reward" training, which means you don't have to be a sadist with a choke collar to get your dog to listen to you. It even works for dogs that hate other dogs.

Best Place to Narc Off an Animal Abuser
FIDO (Fine Irresponsible Dog Owners)
P.O. Box 595, Denver 80206

Ever been kept up by a neighbor's dog that's chained in the backyard, barking its head off all night? Well, you--and that dog--deserve better treatment, and FIDO hopes to see that both of you get it. FIDO members don't want to see noisy dogs impounded or abandoned. They want to make owners get involved in their pets' proper care and training. The group also hopes to influence city governments to enforce laws against inconsiderate dog owners. Right now, they're particularly concerned with code enforcement of Denver Section 8-49. Check it out, and while you're doing that, FIDO wants you to read Sections 8-50 and 51, as well.

Best Dog Food Direct to Your Door
Bone Appetit
The most nutritious foods for your pet can't be found on a grocery shelf. David Roney of Bone Appetit knows this. He also knows it can be time-consuming to run all over town to pick up the good brands at pet shops. That's where Roney and his black Lab, Slammer, come in. They'll bring you the good stuff, at retail prices, and throw in the delivery for free. As an egalitarian gesture, Roney and Slammer also carry cat food.

Best Doggie Manicure
Six metro locations

For $6, PetsMart groomers will snip even the most difficult dog's pawnails to a more reasonable length. And you're not leaving your canine in the hands of sniveling amateurs, either. Some of PetsMart's groomers have apprenticed for as long as seven years. The chain guarantees that no one will clip Fifi too short or give her a hangnail--like you do when you do it yourself. Just think, no more dreaded pet-i-cures--and no appointment necessary.

Best Dog Shelter
Dog House World
8103 W. 51st Ave., Arvada

When your dog keeps saying "roof, roof" to you, maybe it's time to take the hint. Call Ben Fernandez, who builds dog houses in a bucolic stretch of Arvada just north of I-70. Say your mutt is 70 to 100 pounds. For less than $100, you can get an insulated, carpeted, wooden (not plastic, not pressboard) dog house with a shingled roof and a spiffy paint job. Colorado's winters don't seem to faze these canine condos a bit, so your best friend won't freeze his tail off. Fernandez puts his simple but aesthetically pleasing structures together in a shed behind his house. He'll help you figure out the right size for your dog--in fact, he's liable to crawl in one of his dog domiciles himself just to test it out. How could such a nice guy wind up in the dog house?

Best Animal Shelter
1025 Galapago St.

Once upon a time, as the story goes, Bill and Nancy Suro were working at an animal hospital when a client brought in an injured and abandoned German shepherd he had found on I-25. The veterinarian and his wife named the dog Max, then put a fishbowl in their office to collect donations to help pay for the four sur-geries that Max would need. Since then, the fundraisers have become more elaborate and are often attended by local celebrities. But the basic premise remains the same: The MaxFund doesn't euthanize animals. It will take care of all kinds of domestic critters until a good home becomes available. And anyone with a good home can adopt a cat, dog, rabbit, even a ferret, for a $40 fee--which includes all vaccines (except rabies shots).

Best Support Group for the Lonely
Luv-a-Pet Adoption Programs

While PetsMart doesn't actually handle adoptions of dogs, cats and the occasional bunny rabbit, the pet-supply chain does provide space and facilities for various agencies that do--including the Denver Dumb Friends League, the Cat Care Society and MaxFund. Many pet owners who enter the store to buy discounted feed and paraphernalia for present companions end up falling in love all over again. And first-time pet shoppers have a nonthreatening place--lacking the confusion and profusion sometimes found at animal shelters--to go in search of that perfect someone.

Best Bonding With Animals
Argus Center for the Human-Animal Bond
Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Animals are good for you--at least that's what studies show. So maybe it's time people started being good for animals. CSU's new Argus Center is an umbrella organization that oversees several programs exploring the ties that bind man and beast, including one that offers grief counseling to people who have lost their pets and yet another that assures care for pets who outlive their owners.

Best Bonding With Pigs
Adopt-a-Pig Program
Clemenswine Memorial Potbellied Pig Sanctuary, Brighton

Stop hemming and hogging. Now you can adopt a potbellied pig even if unfriendly zoning regulations dictate that you can't. How? The pig of your choosing continues to loll happily at rural Clemenswine, where you come visit it as often as you like--brushing, feeding and walking your pet to your heart's desire. Everyone prospers--you get a playful new friend and the sanctuary, which is famous for rescuing and rehabilitating its cast-off wards, gets help with its vet bills. The six- or twelve-month packages include visits, a photograph and biography of your hog, and a sign with your name on the pig's pen. Who could resist? They're nothing shoat of adorable.

Best Pregnant Workout
Saint Joseph's Hospital
2005 Franklin St.

Get your feet going and feel good about that expanding waistline. Sheila Rogers's aerobics class is a prenatal exercise class geared to preparing expectant moms for labor and delivery while keeping them fit. Stretching, toning and the company of other mothers-to-be make it the most popular class around. And at $35 for twelve classes (two nights a week for six weeks), it's also one of the cheapest.

Best Breast-Feeding Tips
Bosom Buddies
1554 Emerson St.

You'll get the latest and best advice on everything from breast pumps to baby slings at Bosom Buddies, and you'll get it from people who've actually given birth themselves. Moms going back to work (or who just want to skip a 3 a.m. feeding) can rent the best electronic breast pumps south of the Tetons, and the place also offers the latest infant accessories to help make those early months as simple as possible. Don't forget to ask about the Baby Sling, a clever little device that makes nursing in public a dignified breeze.

Best Place to Take Flight
Into the Wind
1408 Pearl St., Boulder

Forget DIA--this is the kind of flying that requires no baggage. Just invest in one of Into the Wind's stunt kites, kid kites, multi-kites, wind-socks or boomerangs and head for open space. Nothing's better for raising the spirits.

Best Place to Get Your Bike in Gear
Sports Plus
1055 S. Gaylord St.

Bikes need tuneups as often as cars do, so if your gears have been grinding a little too often of late, Sports Plus should be your next stop. For $45, they'll clean clusters and chain rings, adjust gears and brakes, replace pads, you name it. It's a wheelie good deal.

Best Place to Test-Drive a Tot
Cycle Analyst
722 S. Pearl St.

So your munchkin is too big for his bike seat and too small for a bike of his own? Try giving him a ride in one of those nifty bike trailers--without having to pay $300. Cycle Analyst rents the tot-towing devices--$15 for four hours, which should be plenty of time to determine if the ride makes Junior turn green. Should the experiment prove successful, they also sell the contraptions.

Best Bike Peddlers
Denver Police Department
35th Ave. and Arkins Ct.

The cops find the bikes stockpiled in garages, rusting under bridges, abandoned in alleys and back yards. Some are stolen, some just left behind, but the best ones end up on the block if they aren't reclaimed. Held by the DPD's bicycle bureau every few months, the regular auctions include every kind of ride imaginable (kids' bikes, high-priced mountain bikes, once even a British bobby's bike), making them a big hit with families. And the going prices are just as varied--from $5 to $1,000. Gather round, gearheads.

Best Sportswear Deals
The Hind Outlet
1412 Pearl St., Boulder

Next time someone tells you to "just do it," stop here first. The Hind Outlet has factory seconds, last season's best, or the whole line of this year's gear in all the possible colors. The discounts are deep, the sales spectacular, and the staffers know their product well enough to tell you when a men's size large is really a women's size 8.

Best Used Sneakers
Second Half Athletic Exchange
10015 E. Hampden Ave.

A venture manned by business-minded Cherry Creek High School students who receive on-the-job retail training, Second Half consigns used and new merchandise from other sporting-goods retailers or gathers it through collection drives and individual donations. So maybe the sneakers aren't always used, but they're still a good value, as is the excellent variety of gear that's available for winter, summer, indoor and outdoor sports. We're certain, too, that it's an added convenience for errant putters across the street at the John F. Kennedy public golf course.

Best Way to Ease the Pain
One-Up Health & Sport
14 Inverness Drive East, Ste. F-160
Englewood 80112

This local mail-order company tailors its goods for physically fit but achey folks who really feel the burn. One-Up's FeelGood Catalog specializes in pads, wraps, supports, braces and body-care products designed to soften blows, hold things in place, increase strength, reduce pains and pamper sprains. And the items can all be ordered without leaving the couch. Just say ouch.

Best Free Service
Accounting students, Metropolitan State College of Denver
It's bad enough that Uncle Sam takes a healthy chunk out of your already meager paycheck. Then, come April, you either have to figure your taxes yourself or shell out more precious coin for someone else to do it. Now, to the rescue, come Metro State accounting students. If you make $25,000 or less per annum, the students (upperclassmen who've completed most of their required accounting courses) will do your taxes for free. The program runs every Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the spring.

Readers' choice: 16th Street Mall shuttle

Best Free Service for the Unemployed
Jefferson County Public Library
Looking for a job is a job in itself. But wouldn't it be nice if you could sit down in one place and peruse help-wanteds from across the country? Several Jeffco libraries--Arvada, Columbine, Evergreen, Lakewood, Standley Lake and Villa--subscribe to Help Wanted U.S.A., a service that allows you to do just that. Newspaper ads from 64 cities, from Boston to Seattle, are compiled weekly on microfiche. Of course, you have to supply the elbow grease. Happy hunting.

Best Free Service for Couch Potatoes
Denver TCI Cable Channel 8

Usually when you tune in to Denver's municipal cable station Channel 8, you'll find interminable city council meetings or something called Meet the Mayor. Lucky for you, there's a remote in your hand. But we'll bet you didn't know that Channel 8 has a library containing hundreds of educational and informational videos featuring everything from French lessons to author interviews--or that you can request that any one of them be broadcast between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Fridays. Free catalogues are available at Denver libraries or by calling the station. That's entertainment--we think.

Best Art Service for Couch Potatoes
Art Information, Inc.
3000 S. Jamaica Ct., Aurora

Welcome to the modern world: Art Information's video catalogue system makes it possible to view up to 27,000 images that are available as posters or limited editions. The laser display system--brainchild of Aurora entrepreneur David Beckers and available for use at around 300 galleries worldwide, including numerous ones in the metro area--makes it easy to pinpoint the exact artwork you're looking for by breaking the images down by categories such as artist name, subject matter, color, size and price range. You just sit back until the poster you want comes up; if it fits your budget, it can then be ordered for you. Isn't that way more sophisticated than the Home Shopping Network?

Best Alternative Babysitting
Short Stop for Kids
162 Adams St.

For parents tired of adjusting their social schedules to the whims of teenage girls, there's an option: Short Stop for Kids, a drop-in child-care center, situated in a cheery house in Cherry Creek North and run by two sisters, Meg and Caroline Schomp. They're nice, they like kids (older than two and a half) and they're there until 11 on Friday and Saturday nights (reservations required for Saturdays).

Best Daycare Referral Service
Denver Association of Family Child Care
The Denver Association of Family Child Care is a network of providers that keeps an up-to-date list of who's got openings. Members are arranged geographically by zip code, so just tell them what zip you're in and they'll give you the names and numbers of people in that area who are licensed and have openings. No kidding.

Best Liquid Assets
The Dry Dames
University Hospital

Ladies, can we talk? There's nothing funny about incontinence--nothing funny, that is, unless the Dry Dames are doing their routine. Started by Rita Martel, a University Hospital nurse practitioner, this trio of talented (and obviously unflappable) performers makes appearances across the region, offering musical advice and moral support for women who suffer from poor bladder control. All together now: "I'm leaking on a jet plane, no one will ever know. Oh, babe, I've got to go..."

Best Surrogate Mothers
MotherCare of America

It used to be that when you had a baby, your mother--or someone like your mother--would almost assuredly come to help out during the first few sleepless weeks of learning to live with it. And in those pre-HMO days, hospital maternity wards weren't so darned anxious to boot you and your newborn out the door to make room for the next paying customer. But things aren't so simple or nuclear any more. MotherCare of America's Joan Goode offers new moms a doula service (a Greek term that means something like "mother for the mother"), which dispatches a crew of highly maternal helpers into homes for a few hours a day (or more, if needed) during those first weeks of parental adjustment to help with the little things--like breastfeeding, making lunch or bathing the babe. But hurry; Goode is already taking reservations for the popular service.

Best Place for Single Fathers to Get Sound Advice
The Men's Health Resource Center
Rose Medical Center

There's nothing like being a single guy raising children on your own--especially if flying solo is a recent development. The Men's Health Resource Center at Rose provides information, reading lists and referrals to help single dads cope with the kind of newfound responsibilities that can often be overwhelming. And all advice is free.

Best 7-Eleven to Gas Up at When You've Got Kids in the Car
607 E. Alameda Ave.
There are exactly 62 7-Eleven Citgos in the Denver metro area that have the handy-dandy feature of paying at the pump (which means no hauling kids out of car seats to conduct the transactions). But this one has the added benefit of being out of range of those pesky fast-food joints that always give rise to junk-food requests. Not only will the kids stay in one place, they may even keep quiet.

Best Virtual-Reality Experience
Koelbel Library Arapahoe Library District
5955 S. Holly St., Littleton

Lights, camera, interaction! Koelbel's high-tech CD-ROM sound and action cyber-optics can take children right into the middle of prehistory, showing dinosaurs wandering around in their natural habitat, making dino noises and doing typical dino stuff. Kids can even print out color pictures of dinos. Other available databases include Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia, world atlases and animal guides--and it's far more educational than watching Jurassic Park.

Readers' choice: Boardwalk USA

Best Place to Be Read and Fed
Readings by Diana
City Spirit Cafe
1434 Blake St.

Okay, okay, so you don't believe in this stuff. Give it $10 and fifteen minutes one Wednesday or Friday night at City Spirit, and you may come away convinced. Madame Diana, is there dessert in our future?

Best Place to Discover the Joy of Hex
Voodoo Mary's
5 E. Bayaud Ave.

Good things come in small packages--and they don't get much smaller than Voodoo Mary's, a storefront just off Broadway that tucks an amazing amount of merchandise into almost no space. Voodoo dolls and other metaphysical paraphernalia are just the beginning--there are also plenty of wacky gewgaws, works by local artists and a variety of cultural chachkas that the owners have picked up on their travels. No matter what you're looking for, you're sure to get caught in Voodoo Mary's spell.

Best Fashion Finders
Saks Fifth Avenue
Cherry Creek Mall

Is there anything worse when clothes shopping than finding the perfect look only to learn they don't have it in the right size? Well, yes: when you ask a salesclerk to check stock at the chain's other stores and she acts like you've asked her to cut and sew the garment herself. That doesn't happen at Saks Fifth Avenue, where a computerized locator service lets salespeople instantly zip queries to every Saks in the country. More often than not, you'll get the item you've spent the afternoon looking for.

Best Place to Hitch Up Your Pants
The Custom House
5229 Leetsdale Dr.

With a tailor like Lyubov "Luba" Rotenberg, who needs new clothes? A Russian immigrant who can wow you with stories of "real winters," Luba's also a wizard with both the chalk and the needle, and she'll change the belt loops on your trousers to brace buttons (those six guys fore and aft that allow you to wear grown-up suspenders) for a mere $4 apiece.

Best Shoeshine
Genie O'Fallon
Tabor Center Lobby
1201 16th St.

When our Florsheims lose their luster, we dream of Genie, who can be found on the Tabor Center's lower level, just inside the door that leads out onto Lawrence Street. Perpetually cheery (though not necessarily in a Barbara Eden sort of way), she appears to enjoy buffing shoe leather all day. Genie will put a shine on your spirit as well as your shoes.

Best Post Office
Terminal Annex
1595 Wynkoop St.

Cliff Claven would be proud of the U.S. Postal Service's LoDo branch, where you won't be served by sullen, slow-motion bureaucrats who act as though they're doing you a favor by giving you the correct postage for your tax return. Instead, the mail bonders behind the counter will treat you like the fine upstanding citizen you really are. And Terminal Annex clerks do it longer: from 4:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Best Place to Buy Disposable Contacts
Price Club
Three metro locations

If you can avoid it, why buy contact lenses from your optometrist, who'll probably charge you a huge markup? If you wear disposable contacts, it makes sense to take out a Price Club membership and buy your lenses in bulk. See?

Best Lights Before Christmas
Tour USA Christmas Light Motorcoach Tours
Christmas-light displays in the metro area seem to have been reproducing in recent years. So by the time you can figure your coordinates and get a proper course mapped out, the kids are asleep and that Christmas spirit is suddenly soggy. But don't give up. Tour USA--a family-oriented company that also organizes "Boning Up on Dinosaurs" trips during the summer months--lets you sit back and enjoy the sparkling lights of the city by offering two separate tours, east and west, on fancy buses with wraparound windows. The cost is $15 a head (children's rates available)--Christmas music, stories and candy canes included.

Best Way to Get to the Theater
RTD Light Rail
You've been there: An 8 o'clock curtain and a line of impatient horn-honkers waiting outside the Plex's parking garage. You try circling the block, looking for a vacant space. And then the next block. You fume at a couple sitting in their immobile parked car. You start over. The clock is ticking. The lights are going down--smell of the greasepaint, roar of the crowd. Next time, if you're smart, you'll park your car at I-25 and Broadway and hop aboard another of Denver's many recent claims to urbanity.

Best Place to Pretend You're in Beverly Hills
Wild Oats Market
1111 S. Washington St.

It's got a sushi counter, a pastaria and a pizzeria. It's got a de rigueur coffee bar and a dessert counter stacked with caloric treats. It sells huge Billy's Bagels in flavors as classic as "sesame" and as adventurous as "pesto." The entire produce section is to die for. Meat guy Rodger makes his own sausages but sells several other varieties, along with slabs of Coleman's natural meats and plump free-range cluckers. You can create your own bouquet of blue delphiniums and yellow chrysanthemums at the flower stall. Your child can push his own mini grocery cart. You can take your vitamins. 'Nuff said.

Best Groceries From the Good Old Days
Hi Lo Market
7290 Monaco Blvd., Commerce City

Is it the Fifties yet? At this forgotten corner in Commerce City, it certainly is. The Hi Lo Market is the kind of place where you pile Dixie Cups, Rainbow bread and Ovaltine into your cart while a freckled kid with a cowlick and an apron sweeps up old iceberg-lettuce leaves. Maybe we're hallucinating, but Hi Lo exudes an innocence rarely found in your typical mega-grocery. Don't forget to ask for your Hi Lo trading stamps.

Best Grocery Delivery
King Soopers
For a mere $4.99, King Soopers will have an energetic employee dash through the store and pick up everything you need. You can specify brand-name goods or store brands--and they'll even honor your coupons. If you have time, you can pick up the bagged groceries yourself, but why bother, when the store charges only $5 to deliver them to your door? (The charge is waived for the elderly or disabled.) King's will even drop off a rental video for you--but you have to bring it back yourself.

Best Deli Manager
Edythe Mullins
Capitol Hill Alfalfa's
900 E. 11th Ave.

A veteran of the former FBC Foods at the same location, Edythe Mullins knows all you'd ever need to about cheese, olives, pate and pimiento loaf. She knows what's fresh, what's coming in, when something will go on sale, and where, exactly, the New York lox comes from. Though customers are constantly paging her, Edythe treats every question or special request as a top priority.

Best 16th Street Mall Vendor
Salaam's Fish & Fries
16th and Champa streets

Grease is the word on most fast food. But at this sea-blue cart, bedecked with painted mermaids, the fare is surprisingly free of it. Well, we'd be fibbing if we told you our fingers weren't a little bit shiny after wolfing down Salaam's crispy, cornmeal-encrusted, tender-at-the-center catfish pieces, with spicy fries and a--whoopee!--Tabasco-based hot sauce. But that's just part of the street-food experience. The price is right--fish and golden fries for $3.50. And Salaam, who's been on the mall since December, is as genuine as they come, free and easy with Southern hospitality as he dishes battered fish, shrimp or clams into sturdy paper boats.

Readers' choice: Tristan's hot dogs

Best Huge Live Lobsters
Sir Loin Meat Shoppe
1910 S. Havana St.

Obviously, price is no object, or you wouldn't be reading about huge live lobsters in the first place. So as long as you're splurging, how about a few five-pound behemoths for a half-dozen of your closest friends? They don't get much heftier than two pounds at the supermarket chains, and if you become a faithful Sir Loin customer, you can enter the yearly Christmas raffle--whose winner takes home the biggest lobster the store can find. Last year's weighed in at seventeen pounds. The only place you'll find fresher: Maine.

Best Place to Get a Leg Up on the Competition
Dale's Exotic Game Meats
1961 W. 64th Ave.

Take a wok on the wild side. For almost thirty years, Dale Beier has run the most exotic meat market this side of Shotgun Willie's. He's got your rattlesnake, your game birds, your venison, your turkey jerky--along with suggested serving tips for all of his inventory, as well as a few critters he doesn't sell (yet). For black-footed ferret, for example, "cook it as you would a squirrel." Beier's butchering skill has even gained an international reputation--his preparation of a boneless leg of meat (which strips off even that silvery tissue) is now known worldwide as a "Denver leg." We'll shake one any time.

end of part 3

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