Gordon Klingenschmitt Prays to Save Boy Scouts From Sodomite Troop Leaders

Update below: Last November, we introduced you to Gordon Klingenschmitt, who we described as an "exorcism-doing, gay-slamming just-elected State Representative" — from the Colorado Springs area, naturally.

Since then, Klingenschmitt, a preacher who delivers regular YouTube sermons for his ministry, PrayInJesusName.com, has provided plenty of fodder for critics, claiming, for instance, that gays had lost their souls.

And even though he took even more heat than usual after being accused of politicizing the attack on Michelle Wilkins, whose unborn baby was cut from her womb, he didn't exactly run and hide. Weeks later, the man nicknamed Dr. Chaps announced that he wouldn't run for reelection to the Colorado House of Representatives — but only because he had decided to seek a state Senate seat next time around.

The latest? He's attacking the Boy Scouts of America for finally, belatedly lifting its ban on gay troop leaders.

Right Wing Watch clipped the key moments from Klingenschmitt's latest salvo, which includes his assertion that the policy change will result in molesters having opportunities aplenty to abuse children. The video is below, preceded by the full text of his remarks, complete with screen captures to illustrate his proudly expressed homophobic blather. The result is arguably his most Klingenschmitty declaration to date.

Here's what he had to say:

"If your boy is in one of those organizations, you need to get him out of there.

"Because what they're going to do is promote homosexual men to mentoring and camping with your boys in the woods and it will lead to child abuse.

"I'm just saying. The Boy Scouts have been sued for this in the past, and they think this is going to fix it? This is going to make it worse, and the children are in danger.

"It's not about the sexual pleasure of the adults. It should be about protecting the innocent children.

"The Bible says this in Matthew, Chapter 18: 'Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.'

"This is what Jesus said about child molesters.

If you're going to cause a child to sin, it'd be better if you had a millstone hung around your neck and you were drowned in the depths of the sea — compared to the judgment almighty God is going to implement onto child molesters when he throws them into hell.

"Which would you rather have?

"Personally, I'd rather be drowned in the depths of the sea than face the wrath of almighty God for having caused any of these little ones to sin.

"Would you pray with me about this? Let's pray:

"Father in heaven, rescue our children.

Rescue the Boy Scouts organization from this political correctness that's forced all kinds of men who are openly admitting that they're engaged in all kinds of sodomy....

"And now they're going to be leading young boys?

"Father, we griever about this.

"The Boy Scouts used to be an honorable Christian organization that does their duty and honors God.

"And now, Father, they're thumbing their nose at God.

"Father, forgive us, and let there be an exodus, when necessary, from the troops that allow this.

"Father, let the parents be wise and protect their children.

"Give us, Father, the freedom from the abusers and the molesters, who will take advantage of this and will cause harm to innocent children.

"Father, forgive us as a nation for allowing this, and let there be an exodus for people to go into righteous organizations instead of this.

"We pray in Jesus's name, amen."

Update: One Colorado has issued a call for Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt to apologize for the remarks shared in this post. Here's the organization's statement:
LGBT Group One Colorado Releases Statement on Remarks Made by Colorado Springs Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt Calling for Gay Boy Scout Leaders to be Drowned

DENVER — One Colorado, the state’s leading advocacy organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Coloradans and their families, released the following statement from Executive Director Dave Montez in response to nationally-publicized comments made by Colorado Spring Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt calling on the Boy Scouts of America to drown it’s gay scoutmasters — and asked that leaders of the Colorado Republican Party, and Republican leadership in the Colorado House of Representatives, condemn his comments.

“After making numerous comments over the past year attacking lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their families, Representative Klingenschmitt just can’t seem to get enough. He recently called on the Boy Scouts of America to drown all gay leaders in its organization. Gay adults are involved in scouting for the same reasons everyone else is; to serve youth, and to help them grow into good, strong citizens. These comments are reprehensible — and he should be ashamed of himself for making them.

“One Colorado calls on the leaders of the Colorado Republican Party, and Republican leadership in the State House, to condemn Representative Klingenschmitt’s comments and affirm that no one should be targeted for violence just because of who they are, or who they love.

“While experience tells us we shouldn’t hold our breath for an apology from Mr. Klingenschmitt, an apology is exactly what is owed – not just to gay scouts and leaders across the state, but to the countless friends and family members who are tired of seeing their loved ones attacked just for being who they are. Simply put, Representative Klingenschmitt — the fair-minded people of Colorado deserve better.”
Here's the video featuring Klingenschmitt's comments:

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