Governor John Hickenlooper's Top Five Pre-Seth Meyers TV Moments

Governor John Hickenlooper's Top Five Pre-Seth Meyers TV Moments

Not many elected officials would swig a beer on national TV, but that's exactly what Governor John Hickenlooper did Monday night on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Ostensibly appearing to tout his book, The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics, Hickenlooper talked with Meyers about everything from marijuana legalization to gun control, pints filled with Colorado's finest between them. 

To anyone who knows our governor's style, the campy, casual interview wasn't out of character – not in the slightest. As a refresher course, we've gathered five of Hickenlooper's finest moments on television, from his hilarious (intentional or otherwise) mayoral ­campaign ads to a TED talk to the time the ’90s attacked his face.

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5. In which a mayoral candidate makes change for strangers:


Evidently, Hickenlooper will go to great heights to make a point.


At least he can make fun of himself.


Skip to the .52 mark to see Hickenlooper sport a glorious pair of '90s glasses. Wherever he is, Rick Moranis would be proud.


There's something soothing about the way Hickenlooper says Bhakti Chai.

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