Gregory Kilcollins Update: Accused "I'm Gonna F*k Da World" Shooter Busted

Update, June 23, 2015: Gregory Kilcollins, who was originally arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in a shooting at a Wheat Ridge apartment complex, is now considered to have acted in self-defense — and a man named David Waddell has been charged with a murder try in the case. The explanation can be found in this post: DAVID WADDELL BUSTED FOR ATTEMPTING TO KILL VICTIM WHO WAS IMPROPERLY ACCUSED.

Our previous coverage is below.

Update, 9:46 a.m. December 18, 2014: As we noted in a December 12 post, Gregory Kilcollins's Facebook profile photo featured him wearing a hat whose inner brim is emblazoned with the term muerte, the Spanish word for death.

Two days later, witnesses say Kilcollins shot up an apartment complex, seriously injuring one man in the process — and he's now been captured after the better part of a week on the loose Continue for a video, details and more photos and content from that Facebook page, which has now been deleted.

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As we reported, Kilcollins's name made the crime-story headlines back in 2007, when 7News reported that he was suspected of having stolen a Colorado Department of Transportation van that had been ferrying him and two other inmates. He'd been jailed on marijuana charges and was assigned to a highway work crew.

He documented more recent happenings on his Facebook page, which featured photos such as this one....

...and this unusual portrait.... ...as well as a shot of a recent addition to his look — a splatterific chest tattoo: A text post from late November spotlights this chunk of verse:

B4 I go Im gonna fuk da world, who knows maybe ill fuk yo girl. When hatas bring drama n all u do iz help, u gotta c thru bullshit n do it fo yoself. I never asked if I can't return da favor, I never helped someone n expected shit later.. I show love 2 anyone no exceptions made, wen respect is earned respect iz paid. Goin left fo dayz n skip da obvious, my hearts so big n im livin da consequence. Gotta get it n not give in, no matter wut, go hard go home or go wit hands in cuffs. I walk in talkin shit n you'll hear pins drop, u ain't gotta ask Its my pleasure 2 kick rocks....

Presumably, pleasure wasn't on the menu early Wednesday morning, December 10. At approximately 5:10 a.m., according to the Wheat Ridge Police Department, dispatchers received a call about multiple shots fired at the Villa Victoria apartment complex, located near the intersection of West 38th Avenue and Quail Street. Here's an interactive graphic of the area near the scene; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

Upon their arrival, officers found an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound; he was transported to an area hospital. Meanwhile, witnesses said Kilcollins had fled the scene in what was described as a dark gray sedan with a white Playboy sticker on the rear window.

The WRPD located Kilcollins's ride on December 11, but he was nowhere to be found. It wasn't until yesterday morning that they found him and took him into custody.

The police have yet to offer any details about the circumstances of Kilcollins's capture. However, they do reveal that the victim of the shooting is expected to make a full recovery. In the meantime, Kilcollins remains in custody on suspicion of attempted second-degree murder.

Look below to see a previous Kilcollins booking photo, followed by the one snapped yesterday.

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