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Happy Birthday, Internet!

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September is apparently the month in which indispensable technologies come to life. My evidence? On September 2, 1969, the Internet was born when two computers were successfully linked and sent data back and forth. Sure, it wasn't used to do anything useful until October of that same year, when the first message was sent (probably a link to some porn, if I had to guess). But that doesn't mean much. How long after your baby was born before it did anything useful? Ten years? Eighteen? 35 maybe? In any case, our digital umbilical cord is looking spryer than ever at forty, and I couldn't be happier at its health. Were it not for this wondrous series of tubes, I would be occasionally forced to leave the house, and that's just not cool. Happy 40th, and here's looking forward to many more!

Speaking of birthdays, Google turns 11 this month, too. How weird is it that the Internet, and the thing that makes the Internet usable, were both born in the same month? It's kind of spooky, really. Look a little deeper and it gets weirder -- Blogger was launched near the end of August in 1999, but Google (its owner) is celebrating in September. Clearly they are aware of this month's magic powers. Need more evidence? They launched their Chrome browser a year ago September 2... maybe there's something to that astrology crap after all -- the best technologies in the world seem to all be Virgos. Here's an astrology site's take on Virgo:

Virgoans are modest , reserved and practical. However, this does not detract them from engaging in lively discussions to express their thoughts and ideas. They are hard workers inclined toward efficiency and little tolerance for nonsense. They can focus on the smallest of details in both their conversations and this causes them to miss the big picture. Because of their penchant for perfection, they can become indecisive, not knowing where is 'good enough' and elevated nervous energy drives them into a fit of worry. Many relationships are damaged or lost when Virgo can't control the urge to criticize and complain.

Practical? Engaging in lively discussion? Harming relationships because they can't stop from criticizing? That's so spot on as to be a little freaky. Although "little tolerance for nonsense" is about as far from the Internet's character as possible. That must come from its rising sign...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.