Headless body without arm found in Wyoming: Can you identify the victim from these photos?

For several weeks, the sheriff's office in Park County, Wyoming has been trying to solve a grisly mystery -- one involving a murder victim whose body was found missing a head and one arm.

Thus far, despite weeks of intensive investigation, the man's identity remains elusive. So the sheriff's office is asking again for help from the public.

Check out photos of items worn by the man and more information about a terrible crime.

The Park County Sheriff's Office Facebook page lays out the basic facts.

At around 11:58 a.m. on January 9, the sheriff's office learned that a corpse had been found on Little Sand Coulee Road, about a mile and a half west of Highway 294 and east of Yellowstone National Park.

A forty-year-old Cody resident found the body. He and his son had been hunting ducks at the time.

The victim's remains were located in creek drainage approximately ten feet off the road. The body, riddled with multiple gunshot wounds, had been decapitated and "severely mutilated," the sheriff's office notes. A 7News report specifies that one arm had been cut off.

The head of the victim has not yet been recovered, making identification even more challenging. Still, the sheriff's office believes he was a Hispanic or Native American male around five-feet-six-inches in height and weighing 180-200 pounds -- a "stocky" build. At the time of his death, he was wearing a dark blue, button-down, short-sleeve shirt and blue jeans, as well as "brown-lace work boots with a bluish-green top, deep tread and square toe." Here's a photo of one boot:

In addition, the man sported what's described as "a very distinct brown leather belt with Native American designs and a matching belt buckle with braided boarder and a pearl colored in-laid horse head."

Continue to see photos of the belt and more about the discovery of a headless body in Park County, Wyoming.

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