Helen Thorpe, Mrs. John Hickenlooper, gets guv mansion tour: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Colorado First Lady Jeannie Ritter gives Denver First Lady Helen Thorpe a firsthand tour of the Colorado governor's mansion... ______________________________________________________________________________ Congratulations, Helen! I'm sure you'll just love making your home in the executive mansion. It combines all the hassles of living in the public eye with all of the inconvenience of living downtown! Now, this room is the first-floor bar that was made famous by the Facebook pictures from Auggie's April 18, 2008, Mansion Masquerade keg party fiasco. After that, we partnered with Denver Urban Homesteading, and now just use the room to raise goats. See below to continue upstairs for the First Lady tour of the second floor... _______________________________________________________________________________ This secret panel behind the full-length mirror in the second-floor powder room opens into the Philandering Governor Surveillance Center. It was installed by Bea Romer and fully upgraded by Frances Owens. Maybe you can use it to write your novels. Below, the punchline is delivered on schedule... _____________________________________________________________________________ Hello, ladies! I can think of nothing more dangerous to the state of Colorado than to have the two of you as First Ladies of the Governor's Mansion. This situation is unacceptable to me and the other Colorado voters who seek a more Tom Tancredo solution to the state's problems. Therefore, I demand that the two of you step down immediately as I declare myself the state's new First Lady!

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