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Reader: These Park Hill Plaintiffs Are a Black Eye on Our Neighborhood

The safe-camping site in Park Hill.
The safe-camping site in Park Hill. Evan Semon
After months of arguments and appeals, on August 17 a group of Park Hill residents sued the city over the safe-camping site in South Park Hill.

"If you are going to make huge changes to the city zoning code that affect potentially every single homeowner and resident in Denver, those things need to be going through the political process. The mayor and the Denver City Council need to be involved," says attorney Dan Burrows of the Public Trust Institute, which filed the suit on behalf of five individuals and a nonprofit organization.

The site opened in June, as a replacement for the city's first two safe-camping sites, which were both in Capitol Hill. There were complaints there, too, before the facilities opened...but very few afterward. The Park Hill site has been relatively quiet, too...except in the courtroom and zoning board hearings. And people had plenty to say on the Westword Facebook post of the story about the lawsuit, too. Says Dan:
I hope there will be a story about how calm and uneventful the Park Hill site is. My wife and I regularly go by the site on our dog walks. Far from causing any kind degradation to the neighborhood, all is quiet and the site stands as a rejection to the idea that these sites are any kind of inconvenience to the neighborhood. Meanwhile, the kids at the daycare around the corner play outside with glee.
Adds Cara:
Please note that there are five individuals who are plaintiffs in this case. The overwhelming majority of Park Hill has been welcoming— making welcome signs, volunteering, dropping off donations on the daily, getting our kids involved in helping. The area is quiet, fenced off, and almost unnoticeable; I walk by it daily and never saw a person until actively seeking out meeting some. These plaintiffs are a black eye on our neighborhood.
Responds He:
Why wouldn't they want a bunch of addicts wandering around their neighborhood?
Counters Nick: 
Those people need to stop being petty, Jesus christ. Why do they care so much about other people's problems that have nothing to do with them? They are people, show some humanity. Everybody needs to live somewhere.
Replies Andrew:
Imagine paying a million bucks for a home and having your property values decline due to a horde of lazy drug addicts in tent cities. It's no different than robbing the owners of those homes. It's time to find a place they can afford. Denver ain't it. No one has a right to live wherever the fuck they want.
Responds Lauren:
Imagine moving to a densely populated city just to find that other people exist there. There is a gated community you are welcome to move to....
Concludes Autumn:
We don't want to figure out and actually solve the issue, so we're are going to sue instead.
Have you seen the safe-camping site in South Park Hill? What do you think about the location? The concept in general? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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