Schmuck of the Week

Honk If You're a Shmuck!

People who honk their horns to get attention are annoying. Picking someone up for a) a date; b) to hang out; c) on the way to work? Get out of your car and ring the bell.

Not only is honking generally obnoxious to the honkee, but it annoys the neighbors and anyone else who is around, especially in the early morning.

Of course, honking the old horn and then slapping your own daughter when she doesn’t respond in time deserves a special place in Shmuckville.

And that’s where Jefferson County school board member and state House District 22 candidate Vince Chowdhury belongs after he admitted in court on Tuesday, July 8, to doing just that. The 48-year-old man pleaded guilty to third-degree assault in the case.

Police said he got angry when his wife and sixteen-year-old daughter didn’t respond quickly after Chowdhury got home on June 17 and honked his horn for them to open the garage door. “Chowdhury told deputies he just ‘lost it’ when his wife and daughter did not hear him honking the horn,” according to a news report.

As a result, the school board (aside from fellow boardmember Dave Thomas, who is Chowdhury’s lawyer) has asked Chowdhury to resign, and the judge ordered him to attend anger management and parenting classes and stay away from his wife and kids.

Oh, and eighteen Democratic officials, including House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, endorsed Chowdhury’s opponent, Camille Ryckman, in the Democratic primary race.

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