Hospital patient throws rocks at T-Mobile store so he can go to jail, cops grant his wish (VIDEO)

What's better -- being stuck in a hospital or going to jail?

The choice was easy for a man in Littleton yesterday, who apparently wanted to be behind bars so badly he didn't even get dressed before committing a crime that landed him back there.

According to 9News, the impatient patient escaped from a hospital -- presumably Littleton Adventist Hospital -- and headed to the area near the intersection of Broadway and Mineral.

He wore a hospital gown -- and given what a beautiful day it was yesterday, bet the cooling breezes that whooshed in through various flaps and openings felt great. But he had something on his mind other than airing out his nether regions. He was more interested in hurling rocks through the window of a nearby T-Mobile store.

Why? Did a call drop at a particularly inopportune moment? Or did the woman in those T-Mobile commercials respond to his affections by taking out a restraining order against him?

Neither, according to local cops. The man simply wanted a return trip to jail -- which is precisely where he was transported shortly after his shattering experience.

The food there couldn't be any worse than at the hospital. See the 9News report below.

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