How-To Questions States Like Colorado Google More Than Other States

What we Google says a lot about us — and about where we live.

That's the thesis (to use a particularly highfalutin term) at the heart of an Estately post headlined "How-To Questions Each State Googles More Frequently Than Any Other State."

The site used Google Autocomplete to compile hundreds of common how-to questions, then ran them through Google Trends to come up with the searches queried by each state (and the District of Columbia) more frequently than other states over the past five years — and the results for plenty of places, including Colorado, are as telling as they are hilarious.

Below, see the top picks for each state, photo-illustrated for your pleasure. (There are additional queries for most states in the original Estately post.) No need to search for them. They're all right here.

WYOMING: How to battle in Pokemon Go?

WISCONSIN: How to impeach a governor?

WEST VIRGINIA: How to French braid?

WASHINGTON: How to bake salmon?

VIRGINIA: How to propose?

VERMONT: How to cook quinoa? (tie w/Idaho)

UTAH: How to attack in Pokemon Go?

TEXAS: How to bathe a cat?

TENNESSEE: How to make extra money?

SOUTH DAKOTA: How to be single?

SOUTH CAROLINA: How to get rid of cockroaches?

RHODE ISLAND: How to make money selling drugs?

PENNSYLVANIA: How to use Pinterest?

OREGON: How to hack wi-fi?

OKLAHOMA: How to eat fried worms?

OHIO: How to get rid of raccoons?

NORTH DAKOTA: How to boil eggs?

NORTH CAROLINA: How to run for president?

NEW YORK: How to ask for a raise?

NEW MEXICO: How to draw a rose?

NEW JERSEY: How to activate iPhone?

NEW HAMPSHIRE: How to fall asleep?

NEVADA: How to get rid of acne (tie w/Hawaii)

NEBRASKA: How to quit smoking weed?

MONTANA: How to hard-boil eggs?

Continue to find out the how-to questions 25 more states (and the District of Columbia) Google most.

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