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Reader: CDOT Deluding Itself Into Thinking Hyperloop Will Happen in Our Lifetime

An artist's rendering of the Hyperloop One system.
An artist's rendering of the Hyperloop One system. Courtesy of Hyperloop
On September 14, Hyperloop One announced ten winners of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, which is designed to "identify the new strongest Hyperloop routes in the world." And guess who made the cut? That's right, the Rocky Mountain Hyperloop, connecting Pueblo to Cheyenne. Hyperloop One even announced it would enter into a public-private partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation to launch a feasibility study here.

Good news, right? Some of our readers didn't think so. Says Janel:

It means we still can't get our shit together with light rail, but CDOT deludes itself into thinking it's going to pull off a hyperloop in our lifetimes?
Responds Melanie:

I agree, CDOT just gets more and more money and still can't figure out how to plow the roads, but that doesn't make this any less FREAKIN AWESOME!
Writes Devin:

What the?! They need to do this up I-70 for the winter conditions and resorts. It would cost a bunch of money but in the long run it would be very profitable and beneficial.
But not all of our readers objected. Writes David:

Uh, if this means Denver to Vail in 20 minutes is even a possibility.....I don't care how much it costs!!!!!
Do you think the Hyperloop is a good idea, or will it fall apart in CDOT's hands?
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