IKEA Share Space lets you share your IKEA love

You've gone to IKEA's new store in Centennial. You've battled the lines. You've figured out those cute illustrated but confusing instructions. You've built the bed/dresser/bookshelf/etc. And it didn't break when you put your ass/clothes/books/etc. on it. Hallelujah! What to do next? Share your IKEA love with other IKEA lovers.

IKEA has created IKEA Share Space, a website that allows IKEA customers to upload pictures of their transformed spaces and tag the items in it. Other users can search by product and room type, as well as give you glowing praise about the angle you set your EXPEDIT bookcase so it'd function as both storage and a room-divider.

Sure, it's a marketing ploy, but who doesn't like compliments and self-promotion? We only wish it was searchable by state. Then we could see how Colorado's new IKEA fanatics stacked up against decorators who've been able to shop there for years.

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