Immigration: Ten Stories on How the Issue Hits Colorado

As President Donald Trump grapples with a campaign promise to complete a wall between the U.S. and Mexico — and protesters rally at Denver International Airport to welcome an immigrant's arrival to the place he considers home — Colorado continues to struggle with its own immigration issues. See the slideshow about the January 28 DIA protest here, and keep reading for ten more stories about immigration written before and during the Trump era.
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Marijuana Is Legal in Colorado — But Only If You're a U.S. Citizen
For Immigrant Kids in Denver, Trump's Election Is Their 9/11
Sarah Jackson started Casa de Paz in 2012 after a life-changing trip to the U.S. and Mexico border.
Anthony Camera
Detained Immigrants in Aurora and Their Families Find a Home at Casa de Paz
The modest Casa de Paz space has hosted families of detainees held in Aurora’s immigration detention center since 2012.
Anthony Camera
Casa de Paz Is Now Hosting Immigrants and Families in an Actual "Casa"

Keep reading for more immigration stories.

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Dale DiMassi
Volleyball League Funds Immigrant Nonprofit in Aurora
Julie Gonzales
Landmark Immigrant-Rights Case Hits Colorado's High Court
GEO Lawsuit Alleging Forced Labor of Immigrant Detainees Moves Forward
Courtesy David Stevens
Despite Threats, Language School in Montbello Continues to Bridge Barriers
Brandon Marshall
Colorado Politico's Forerunner to Donald Trump's Ideological Test for Immigrants
Facebook photo courtesy of Elizabeth Renee Fajardo
Photos: Sanctuary Calls in the Age of Trump at CU, Auraria, City of Boulder

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