Indecent-exposure grandpa sought in Boulder

Those of you who thought indecent exposure and child enticement were a young man's game need look no further than the sketch seen here to be disabused of that notion.

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office suspects that a man in his sixties or seventies may have been responsible for two separate creepy incidents earlier this month. In the first, he allegedly tried to lure an eight-year-old boy into his van near Heatherwood Elementary. (The boy wisely declined.) In the second, a man on a bicycle approached two pre-teen girls at Gunbarrel Commons Park, asking if they'd seen his niece, Michelle. They hadn't, but they saw something else -- because the man "exposed himself by pulling up the leg of his shorts." Gag.

Get more details below:

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating two cases of interest, an Enticement of a Child and an Indecent Exposure, which potentially involve the same suspect. The Enticement of a Child case occurred on March 12, 2010 at 2:30 pm, near Heatherwood Elementary School. The Indecent Exposure occurred on March 22, 2010 at 11:30AM, at a park near the intersection of Indigo Court and White Rock Circle in Gunbarrel.

The suspect in these events was described as a white male, between 5'9" to 5'11" tall, in his late-60's or early 70's, and balding -- though his remaining hair was gray. The suspect was seen in a tan-colored mini-van in the Heatherwood area and on a bicycle in Gunbarrel. A composite sketch of the suspect was completed by two of the victims and is attached to this release.

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office is requesting the assistance of the public in regards these events. If you have any information that could lead to the identification of this suspect, or the whereabouts of his vehicle, please contact Detective Lori Cox at 303-441-3673.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to contact Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or through www.nococrimestoppers.com where they can send an anonymous e-mail or text message. Tips may be eligible for a cash reward.

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