Inside Evan Ebel Murder Case: Info From Stripper, Confidential Informants

In March 2013, Evan Ebel, who had been released from a Colorado prison early due to a clerical error, allegedly killed pizza-delivery man Nathan Leon and Department of Corrections executive director Tom Clements before fleeing to Texas, where he died in a gun battle after shooting an officer.

The inquiry into the Colorado crimes is still officially open and active.

But a 77-page "report of investigation" from the Rangers' division of Texas's Department of Public Safety notes the following on its opening page: "Evidence was discovered that the suspect in said shooting had previously murdered the Colorado Department of Corrections Prison Director and a Domino's Pizza delivery person."

Much of the information behind this statement is shared in the document, including assertions that Ebel was ordered to murder Clements by higher-ups in a white-supremacist prison gang known as 211.

Specifically named are Benjamin Davis, aka "Leprechaun," who is currently serving a 108-year prison sentence, and James Lohr, nicknamed "Jimbo," identified as a person of interest after Clements was killed.

Why haven't these claims led to specific charges thus far?

That's speculation — but the details are sometimes contradictory and come largely from confidential informants, including one who is quoted as saying that he would speak only if he was exempted from possible prosecution in the case.

Also sharing tales about Ebel was Crystal Walor, also known as Viola Valhalla, who has worked as both a stripper and a live escort and been involved with a series of 211 members, including Ebel.

While she denied also having a sexual relationship with Ebel's father, Jack, a personal friend of Governor John Hickenlooper, she was previously married to 211 affiliate Dennis Simonton.

Moreover, her Facebook page lists her as "Crystal Simonton-Davis" and sports a double mug shot of Ben Davis as her profile pic.

In an April 2015 post, she noted that she and Davis had shared their first kiss at the Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility in Ordway, writing, "What else can I say? We have matching tattoos."

We've included the complete Texas report below; it was obtained locally by KNUS radio personality Peter Boyles (who — update — got his copy from Fox31's Julie Hayden). But below, see excerpts from statements by Walor, as well as at least two and perhaps three confidential informants.

Topics include Ebel, known as "Evil," plus Davis, Lohr, Chris "Hog" Middleton and more.

These photo-illustrated segments are followed by a Fox31 report based on the Texas Rangers report, accessible in its entirety.

Confidential informant one:

[Deleted] met "EVIL" while incarcerated in the Colorado Department of Corrections. [Deleted] and "EVIL" were incarcerated in the same unit in 2010 and 2011. [Deleted] was never in the same "pod" as "EVIL" but did share an adjacent wreck yard with "EVIL." [Deleted] communicated with "EVIL" on a daily basis while in prison for approximately one (1) year.....

[Deleted] described "EVIL" as a "stand up guy" that did not lie, steal, use drugs, and could hold his own in a fight. [Deleted] stated that both he and "EVIL" were "foot soldiers in the "211" prison gang. Neither [Deleted] nor "EVIL" ever held a position of rank in "211."

[Deleted] stated "EVIL" was initially engrossed in the white supremacy movement and "211." However, as "EVIL" came closer to his release date, he moved away from his "hard core" Aryan/Nazi beliefs and from "211." [Deleted] described "EVIL" as not being a true believer in the Aryan way of life because "EVIL" would communicate with other races and had a "Mexican" uncle....

[Deleted] described "EVIL" as being extremely paranoid and very guarded in his conversations. [Deleted] advised he never heard "EVIL" talk about killing anybody, but stated he was quite philosophical....

[Deleted] spoke with Jack EBEL every two (2) or three (3) months in order to show that he...was not "fucking up," and was doing "good" in his life. [Deleted] stated "EVIL" "loved" his father and maintained an extremely close relationship with his father....

[Deleted] advised that "EVIL" was having an extremely difficult time adjusting to society. [Deleted] advised that "EVIL" talked about wanting to punch people in the face often. [Deleted] stated "EVIL" spoke about his struggle to interact with people in the "outside world"....

[Deleted] stated the majority of his conversation with "EVIL" revolved around "EVIL's" struggles to adjust to society and "having to deal with fuck faces"....

[Deleted] stated "EVIL" told him he ("EVIL") was "fucking two (2) or three (3) different chicks," but was not involved in any type of real relationship. [Deleted] stated "EVIL" never discussed any type of manifesto or desire to kill anyone, and specifically never discussed the murder of CLEMENTS or the Domino's Pizza delivery man....

[Deleted] stated he received a call from "EVIL" on the day of the Texas shooting. [Deleted] believed he received the call approximately one (1) hour before "EVIL" was killed, and after "EVIL" shot the Montague County Deputy.... [Deleted] stated "EVIL" said, in an extremely excited manner, that he was in a bind and needed to go to [deleted] house. [Deleted] stated that he asked "EVIL" four (4) times what "EVIL" did. [Deleted] stated that "EVIL" would not answer him and that he finally heard a click and the call went dead....

Crystal Walor:

Detective HUMPHREY reference he had conducted with Crystal WALOR.... Detective HUMPHREY advised his investigation had determined that WALOR was the female (known as Crystal) that EBEL had made statements about wanting to kill. Detective HUMPHREY stated he had garnished information that WALOR had been involved in a sexual relationship with both Evan EBEL and Jack EBEL. Detective Humphrey advised that WALOR provided the following information....

WALOR was married to a "211" member, Dennis SIMONTON.... WALOR described Evan EBEL as a crazy, psychotic, paranoid individual who hated everyone and did not trust anyone. WALOR had observed Evan EBEL, on multiple occasions, to pace back and forth while making psychotic indiscernible statements. WALOR knew Evan EBEL did not partake in smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages or using illicit drugs.

Evan EBEL had requested WALOR purchase a pistol for him (Evan EBEL). WALOR described an incident, after she tried to distance herself from Evan EBEL, in which both EVAN and Jack EBEL had waited for WALOR to leaver her residence, and then followed WALOR around Denver for an entire day.

WALOR denied having sex with Jack EBEL, but described in detail her hatred for Jack EBEL. WALOR believed that Evan EBEL acted alone in the murders he carried out because Evan EBEL did not trust anyone....

Confidential informant two:

[Deleted] denied having any knowledge of any planned executions, "hits" or attacks on any government officials. [Deleted] stated that Ben Davis "Leprechaun" was in charge of the "211" gang. [Deleted] stated he recently read an article published in a newspaper in Westward [sic], Colorado, where DAVIS was featured concerning his involvement with the "211" gang. [Deleted] stated that the "211 name came from the offense code for Robbery, because most of the original members were incarcerated for Robbery.

Confidential informant:

[Deleted] stated that he would be willing to provide information about CLEMENTS' murder to Colorado authorities in consideration for assurances that [Deleted] would not be prosecuted. [Deleted] stated he knew, through direct communication, that "LOHR," a "211" General, ordered the murder of CLEMENTS and that "LOHR" had ordered [Deleted] to assist EBEL in Texas. [Deleted] stated that his information could be corroborated through phone records that would show his communication with "LOHR" and "Hog," a "211" Captain. [Deleted] stated he would provide specific information that could be corroborated to Colorado officials in consideration for not being prosecuted. [Deleted] stated he had no prior knowledge of CLEMENTS' murder and was not involved in the plot to murder CLEMENTS. [Deleted] stated EBEL had "fucked up" and "pissed off" "211" General Ben DAVIS, and that EBEL had to murder CLEMENTS because of a debt he (EBEL) owed DAVIS....

EBEL had gotten into trouble with Ben DAVIS, a "211" General, while passing on communication from a "211" General named "JD." DAVIS placed EBEL back on "Prospect" status because EBEL had written his own opinions on "211" communication. Because of EBEL's actions, EBEL "had to do something" for DAVIS.

EBEL told [Deleted] (while in prison) that he (EBEL) would have to do some "wild shit" for DAVIS while he (EBEL) was released from prison....

Sometime after CLEMENTS' murder, [Deleted] noticed a missed telephone call from a number he recognized as "Hog's" cellular phone. Approximately thirty minutes after said call, [Deleted] called the phone number back. A male answered the phone and identified himself as "Jimbo".... "Jimbo" asked if [Deleted] had seen or heard from EBEL, and stated that EBEL was heading south because he (EBEL) had done something. "Jimbo" asked [Deleted] if he had seen the news about the murder of CLEMENTS. [Deleted] responded he had heard of the murder. "Jimbo" stated, "I had him (EBEL) do that."

Texas Rangers' Evan Ebel Report

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