It smells good in here: High Times Medical Cannabis Cup this weekend

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This will be a weekend to remember, though I doubt I'll remember much of it.

The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup is at the Exdo Event Center this weekend. If you have trouble finding it, look for the rising cloud of deliciously fragrant smoke northeast of downtown.

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a celebration of the plant itself, unlike KushCon II held last December, which featured all things ganja-related except the ganja. This is the second time the long-running pot mag, which is known for its annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, has held a cannabis contest in the States. The first was in San Francisco last June and was a huge success, judging from what High Times editor Dan Skye told Michael Roberts two weeks ago.

Doors open at noon each day, with seminars going nonstop on topics ranging from medical issues (featuring local activist and frequent Westword commenter Robert Chase) on Saturday to a legal panel with attorneys Rob Correy and Warren Edson, activist Mason Tvert and Dan Hartman, director of the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division for Colorado. Stoney rapper Kid Cudi is closing out the night.

But again, this event is all about the ganja. There are entries from 79 shops and medical marijuana-infused product manufacturers. In total, there are 46 mellowing indicas, 36 speedy sativas, 50 hybrids, 26 types of hash and 25 edibles competing for the win. Vendor booths will be set up inside and out back (wink, wink) where dispensaries will be showing off their entries.

So far the judging methods have been kept pretty hush hush. The only info High Times has given out is that "The HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cups will be awarded by a panel of independent experts based on extensive sampling in a blind tasting". Winners will be announced Sunday night at 7 p.m.

And while there are grumblings in the pot community about how this doesn't really represent the caregivers of Colorado, I am pumped to see some world-class ganja on display this weekend. High Times cultivation editor Nico Escondido (also a speaker this weekend) has assured me it will be "everything you can imagine... and more."

Tickets for the event are still on sale: $100 gets you a two-day VIP pass that includes tickets to stoner rapper Kid Cudi's show at Cluster Studios on Saturday night.

Check out all of the official entries here, and page down for links to William Breathes' reviews of sixteen of the entering shops. I've made my way into several of the shops over the last year or so. Some were better than others, and I'm excited to see which places have been able to keep up the quality and which places (hopefully) have improved. Here are their 2011 Cannabis Cup entries: 14er Holistics Concentrate - Lemon Skunk Sub Critical Oil Hybrid - Accidental Magic Indica - Boo Berry Sativa - Lemon Skunk Edible - Honey Hash Syringe A Cut Above Hybrid - White Dawg Indica - Bubba #6 Sativa - Super Silver Haze

Delta 9 Alternative Medicine Hybrid - Bruce Banner #3

Denver Relief Edible - Subcritical Lollipop Hybrid - Bio Diesel Sativa - Blue Dream

Ganja Gourmet Edible - New York Almond Horn Wholesale Edible - White Rabbit Good Chemistry Concentrate - Ingrid Bubble Hash Edible - Mountain Medical Blueberry Pie Bars Hybrid - Sour Diesel Indica - Ingrid Sativa - Blue Dream

Higher Health Medical LLC Hybrid - Sour Diesel Indica - White Rhino

Highland Health (same owners/growers as The Cherry Co.) Concentrate - Skywalker OG Solvent-less Wax Hybrid - Banana Kush Indica - Chem Dawg Sativa - Durban Poison

Local Product of Colorado Hybrid - Blood Diamond by Crude Indica - Double Bubble Berry Southwest Alternative Care Sativa - OG Ghosttrain Haze

The Clinic on Colfax Concentrate - Grape God Jelly Hash Edible - Chocolate Tort Hybrid - XXX Diesel Indica - Grape God Sativa - Super Lemon Haze

The Denver Kush Club Edible - Red Velvet Space Cake Hybrid - Blue Diesel

The Farm / Skinny Pineapple Sativa - Alpha Blue

The Grasshopper Alternative Medicine Sativa - Cinderella Haze The Green Room Hybrid - Jack Flash Indica - Bubba Kush Sativa - Hash Plant Haze

The Greenest Green Concentrate - Lemon G-13 Hash Oil Hybrid - Ghost OG Moonshine #6 Indica - Skywalker OG Sativa - Sweet Sweet Read all of William Breathes' reviews of local dispensaries on Mile High and Lows.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.