Jacson Quintanilla-Mejia charged with forcing ex-girlfriend to take a trip to Utah

Utah is a beautiful state that attracts thousands upon thousands of tourists each year. But those who enjoy themselves most tend to be the ones who visit by choice, not force.

This distinction should prove important for Aurora's Jacson Quintanilla-Mejia, 23, who allegedly picked up his former girlfriend in Broomfield, made her accompany him to scenic Salina, Utah (population: approximately 2,000), and kept her there against her will until the Broomfield Police Department tracked him down. He's currently being held in Utah on second-degree kidnapping and domestic violence charges.

That ain't no vacation. Get more details from the BPD below:

Type of Incident: Kidnapping-Domestic Violence

Location: 10 Block of Duette Way

Date and Time Occurred: Thursday, May 6, 2010

Case Report #: 10-2575

On May 6, 2010, a 23 year old Northglenn woman left for her lunch break and never returned. A missing person report was filed with the Northglenn Police Department and an investigation was initiated. During the course of their investigation, it was discovered that the woman had gotten into her estranged boyfriend's car and was not allowed to get out. Based on cell phone information, there was reason to believe the woman and her estranged boyfriend were in Salina, Utah.

The Salina Police Department was contacted and the car was located in a hotel parking lot. A search warrant was obtained and Jacson Quintanilla-Mejia (04/10/87) of Aurora was taken into custody. Once the woman was interviewed, it was determined that the woman was taken from her place of employment in the 10 block of Duette Way in Broomfield.

Broomfield Police Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Quintanilla-Mejia. He is currently being detained in Utah for the pending charges of Second Degree Kidnapping and Domestic Violence.

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