James Buchanan home site of double murder: Presumed gunman kills himself after chase

When we think of murder-suicides, we typically imagine grisly scenes in which the killer takes his or her own life immediately after gunning down victims.

But that wasn't the case in the double homicide that took place in the El Paso County town of Peyton, east of Colorado Springs.

Yes, the presumed slayer is dead by his own hand. But he only pulled the trigger after leading law enforcers on a wild chase that ended with a crash. Photos, video and details below.

The three who died have not yet been identified by authorities. However, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports that the home where the bodies of two women were found, located at 19870 Oasis Avenue, is registered to James W. Buchanan. And one neighbor notes that the husband of the couple who lived there referred to himself as Jim.

The pair, said to be quiet, apparently strife-free and in their fifties, shared the abode with the woman's elderly mother.

El Paso County deputies arrived at the home around 4:15 p.m. yesterday on a report of a shooting. The two women were dead upon their arrival, but a man was very much alive -- and not in the mood to speak with law enforcement.

He hopped into a vehicle and led deputies on a chase from Highway 94 to Highway 71 before crashing just north of County Road 2E -- about forty miles from where the pursuit started, notes CBS4.

Before he could be questioned, though, the man shot himself to death, creating a second crime scene in what's clearly a senseless tragedy.

Here's CBS4's report.

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