James Woods on 7-Car Glenwood Canyon Crash: "Sorry...Little Concussion"

This week's snow storm didn't only impact Coloradans. A Hollywood celebrity had a weather-related wipe-out — and unlike the folks who voiced their frustration on Twitter about absent snowplows and weather douches, he had only positive things to say about the personnel who came to his rescue.

Actor James Woods — a three-time Emmy winner and two-time Academy Award nominee — used his Twitter account to document and recap a seven-vehicle crash that took place on Monday, December 14 near the Hanging Lake exit in Glenwood Canyon.

According to Woods, he didn't hit any other vehicles, but he did smash into a guardrail, albeit not so hard that he plunged into the river beyond it.

Amid his praise of everyone involved, he also makes a casual reference to having suffered a concussion. However, that didn't stop him from hitting the highway again yesterday afternoon.

Here's the complete thread.

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