Jane Norton & Ken Buck's greatest Sarah Palin-inspired hits: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

The cover photo for the album pictured above was taken just before Ken Buck and Jane Norton started their 2010 Senate campaigns. Back in 2009, they were two peas in the same conservative pod. The guy from Greeley and the gal from Grand Junction were dubbed the "Duo of Disenchantment" for their bittersweet ballads sung to birthers at Republican Revival meetings in Colorado's backcountry. That would all change when Sarah Palin came to town...

Check out Jane and Sarah cuddlin' on the back cover below:

Like all great country and western performances, the personal friction caused by the love triangle resulted in the petty jealousies that turn press conferences into dramatic personal revelation. The Worst of Ken Buck & Jane Norton is a collection of the greatest personal hits made by Ken and Jane on the week before May 22, 2010, the fateful day of both the Colorado Republican Assembly and Sarah Palin's "American Embarrassment" tour stop at Denver University's Magness Arena. Each track has been faithfully remastered from the studio tapes of Colorado's rural radio stations.

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