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Jane Norton dismisses Andrew Romanoff, targets Michael Bennet on White House job offer

Although Andrew Romanoff has been getting loads of attention for revealing details about the White House allegedly offering him a job if he stayed out of the Democratic senatorial primary, Republican senate hopeful Jane Norton still can't take him seriously.

Instead of focusing on Romanoff in her release on the subject, she zeroes in on Senator Michael Bennet, implying that he's been less than forthcoming about his possible role in the controversy.

Norton clearly gives Romanoff no chance to win the Dem primary -- but if she can use him to take a shot at Bennet, her presumed opponent, why not? Look below to sample her campaign's spin:

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Norton: What did Michael Bennet Know and When Did He Know It?

Norton Calls on Bennet to Answer Tough Questions about White House Job Offer

Denver, CO -- Today, Jane Norton called on Michael Bennet to answer questions about his knowledge of the White House bribe to candidate Andrew Romanoff.

"With all of the problems our nation is facing, the Obama Administration chose to focus on business-as-usual political games," said Norton. "Washington is broken. The back room deals and 'Chicago-style' politics have to stop. We must take our country back. Enough is enough."

"Andrew Romanoff answered the tough questions, and now it's time for the appointed Senator to do the same," said Norton.

In a statement to the media yesterday, Andrew Romanoff admitted that the White House offered him a job in exchange for not challenging the appointed Senator Michael Bennet in a primary.

Norton called on Michael Bennet to release all emails and phone records relating to the Romanoff bribe.

"Was Michael Bennet aware that the White House was trying to bribe Andrew Romanoff out of the race? Did Michael Bennet talk to White House operatives about the Romanoff bribe? Did Michael Bennet pressure the White House to offer Romanoff a position? Coloradans deserve answers," continued Norton.

"With nearly double-digit unemployment and an exploding national debt this is not what our country needs and its not what Colorado needs," continued Norton. "I am running for one simple reason, the federal government is out of control. Our focus should be three-fold: one, strengthen our economy and create jobs; two, cut spending and pass a balanced budget; and, three, keep America free, strong, and sovereign."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.