Janice Hahn: Racist clip attacking CA candidate features Greeley gangsta Christian Hanson

One of the most astonishingly racist and sexist campaign videos in recent memory attacks Janice Hahn, who's running for U.S. Representative in California; she'll face Tea Party fave Chris Huey in a special election on July 12. And as it turns out, the clip, on view below, has a local flavor, thanks to a cameo pic (on a woman's ass) of convicted Greeley gang-banger Christian Hanson. WTF?

As we reported in last November, Hanson was convicted for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a female witness in a previous murder case. Then, while in jail, he's said to have asked fellow gang member Jesse Rodriguez to make the woman disappear permanently. Problem is, the person with whom Rodriguez conspired to make this happen turned out to be an undercover cop. Hanson received a sentence of 176 years to life in January, around the same time another alleged cohort, Jesse Arispe, was busted for threatening President Barack Obama. Talk about one-upmanship.

What's any of that have to do with Hahn and the Turn Right USA attack ad? Nothing, really. The clip goes after Hahn for allegedly hiring "hardcore gang members" as "gang-intervention specialists" with "taxpayer money... She even helped them get out of jail -- so they could rape and kill again!" These claims are followed by a mock hip-hop video in which stereotypical rappers belt out lines like, "Give me yo' cash, bitch, so we can shoot up the street" as mug shots zip past. Among the featured images: Al Capone, Charles Manson... and Christian Hanson.

Could Turn Right USA have pulled Hanson's image from our Top 120 Most Memorable Mug Shots of 2010 collection? Hard to say. But it's pretty clear Hanson had as much to do with Hahn as, say, Capone and Manson.

See the astonishing video below:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.