Jason Clark, independent guv hopeful: The running mate he found on Craigslist just quit

Jason Clark learned a hard truth about Craigslist today. The independent candidate for governor found out that no matter how excited one may be about that rare and precious find, buyers have no guarantee that the goods are built for the long haul and have little recourse if the purchase goes sour.

Unfortunately for Clark, the issue is a bit weightier than just trying to recoup funds on a fuzzy set of speakers. Back in May, Clark posted an ad for his running mate on Craigslist. He found Victoria Adams, whom he earlier described as a "tough, well-educated ex-marine and cancer survivor."

But this morning, 41 days before the election, Adams resigned. "Campaigning can be very stressful, and she was having a hard time balancing her professional and personal life with the campaign," Clark says. "It just didn't work out. I hope she's doing what's best for her."

Clark is unsure if he will be required to appoint a new lieutenant governor, and a call to the secretary of state's office had not been returned as of this writing. But Clark says that the resignation will not affect his candidacy. "The ballots have already been printed, and I'm still in compliance with state regulations. Sometimes these things happen during an election," he said. "I'm working closely with the secretary of state's office to see what the next steps are."

In the interim, job seekers should keep an eye on Craigslist for an immediate opening for a lieutenant governor position. Candidates must be registered independents, U.S. citizens and at least thirty years old. The salary is $68,500 per year.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.