Jason Wallace busted, another man dead in latest potential Make My Day case

A day after the Marcus Duran shooting was ruled a justifiable homicide amid reports that the homeowner who fired the fatal shots has received threats, another potential Make-My-Day incident took place -- this one in Colorado Springs.

The Springs-area homeowner reportedly shot at two men trying to bust into his residence. One died from his wounds, while the other, Jason Wallace, has been arrested.

Look below for the details from the Colorado Springs Police Department:

At approximately 1:00PM on June 19, 2010, the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) received a report of shots fired at 603 Winnepeg Dr. Officers arrived on scene and were told by the homeowner that two males entered his home without his permission. The homeowner reported shooting at the intruders. The intruders fled the home and the homeowner indicated he thought a shot was fired at him as the intruders fled. A short time later, officers received a report that an adult male walked into a nearby hospital with an apparent gunshot wound. It was reported that person later died from the injury. The CSPD Homicide Unit responded to the scene and an investigation is underway. Investigators are looking into any possible connection to the deceased male and the shooting on Winnepeg Dr. It does appear that this is an isolated incident. Both suspects were described as Hispanic or black males with medium builds. There is no additional information at this point and the investigation is ongoing.

Update: Arrest made

Late on 6-19-2010, probable cause was developed to believe that 32 year old Colorado Springs Resident Jason Wallace and the deceased went to 603 Winnepeg to commit a burglary. During the burglary, shots were fired between the homeowner, the deceased and Mr. Wallace. Mr. Wallace and the deceased fled the scene and went to a nearby hospital. Mr. Wallace has been charged with First Degree Burglary and was booked into the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center. The homeowner has not been arrested. The case will be reviewed by the El Paso County District Attorney's office. The deceased will not be identified at this point pending family notification and an autopsy by the El Paso County Coroner's Office.

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