JaVale McGee punks media with bizarre pet platypus story

The debate over whether the Denver Nuggets should make retaining the services of JaVale McGee a priority is already raging. Our view: Hell yes, since he's highly entertaining on court whether he's putting up big numbers or making a moron of himself. And after the whistle blows, he's pretty damn hilarious, too, as witnessed by his latest gambit -- convincing NBA Nation that he adopted a platypus. Or two.

The story began with a tweet from McGee's Twitter account, which goes out under the name "Pierre McGee," who's described as "Alter Ego 4th year in NBA for the Denver Nuggets Son, Brother, Nephew, and that monkey on yo back!"

Don't trip over that, folks, because things get weirder from there. Here's tweet number one:

Moments later, McGee sent out the following photo:

The thought of McGee with a platypus was twisted enough to prompt a number of media organizations, including WUSA, to report that he'd actually purchased one of the critters. And he played along for a while, as this tweet indicates:

Shortly thereafter, though, he flipped the script in this series of messages:

Since the story originated from McGee himself, journalists definitely should have done their due diligence. After all, he's not exactly the definition of a reliable source. But at least CBS4's Vic Lombardi demonstrated some good humor in this reply:

As for McGee, he followed up this report with another scoop:

Call Ripley's Believe It Or Not, stat.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.