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Jaxine Bubis, erotic grammy: Demand for $54 million from state Republicans goes national

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Last month, we told you about Jaxine Bubis, a political hopeful whose campaign for embattled state senator John Morse's seat was derailed after it was revealed she'd written several steamy books -- read excerpts below -- and referred to herself as a "grammy who writes erotic romance."

Now, however, she's making national headlines on the likes of Fox News due to her demand for $54 million from the state Republican party for allegedly, and unfairly, engineering her primary defeat. Jaw-slackening details below.

As we've reported, Bubis's campaign website, which is no longer online, described her motivation to replace Morse in decidedly un-steamy fashion:

The time has come to take a bold stand for our Constitutional rights. ​ I spent the majority of my life in Colorado growing up right here in Colorado Springs. ​ After traveling to different places with my husband Dan, we chose to return to Colorado Springs because we love the people and share the values represented throughout this great city.  Unfortunately, I've become increasingly concerned with those in power aligning with East Coast politicians in a radical attempt to strip away our Constitutional rights.  Whether it's the blatant attack on our right to keep and bear arms or the utter disregard of our First Amendment, things are swiftly moving in the wrong direction. ​ I joined with many of you in asking our elected officials to protect our Constitutional rights only to be blatantly ignored and even told, our concerns weren't important.

The website listed a number of high-profile Republicans in Bubis's corner, including Senator Kevin Lundberg and Representative Janak Joshi. But not everyone was a fan. A post on ColoradoPols.com item noted that Bubis's authorial sideline had been revealed in an e-mail sent to fellow Republicans by a supporter of a GOP rival also hoping for a shot at Morse's seat. He's been identified as Paul Paradis, owner of Colorado Springs gun shop Paradise Sales, who says he was tipped off by an unnamed third party. Included in the e-mail were a few lines from Beantown Heat, a 2004 opus credited to Bubis's pen name, Jaxine Daniels. Some of the more explicit language was deleted so as not to shock delicate sensibilities -- but we think you can handle it without censorship. The section reads:

Now two fingers were deep inside her. She could feel herself clamp down on him, aching for his cock inside her. But then he leaned down and began sucking and licking her, as his fingers moved slowing in and out. In and out.

The horizontal mambo-ing doesn't end there. Here are the paragraphs immediately before the lines above....

"You're not holding still." His voice was tantalizing. "And do you find this more provocative than if I read you the piece you read me that night? Please fuck me.... Shall I read it to you?"

"No. But please fuck me."

"In time, baby, in time."

...and the ones that follow:

He moved back up, his mouth just a breath from hers.

"Now, taste your own passion."

His kiss was warm and wet with her pleasure. His tongue teased her lips, her tongue. She kissed him back, pulling him hard against her.

"Please..." The fire built and banked, built and banked. He was inside her head, inside her body. How else would he know when she edged near explosion? He wouldn't let her go. And then he was gone.

Oh yeah: These two are known as the Professor and Maryann. Bet Gilligan is jealous.

Continue for more about Jaxine Bubis and her $54 million complaint against the state GOP, including photos, a video and the complete document. If the sample above makes you ravenous for more, it's available, albeit via a forum Bubis considers an example of piracy. This website features free downloads of three Jaxine Daniels efforts -- not just Beantown Heat, but also A Good Place to Land and A Soft Place to Fall. The latter is described like so: "An Airman without a mission, a woman without a memory, a combination to die for."

Here's a hot-and-bothered moment from Fall:

Julie laid her head back, giving him better access, her eyes closed. Nic cupped her breasts. What his tongue did at her neck, his fingers mimicked. Her breath came in short gasps.

His hands moved up under her shirt, his fingers tracing the edges of her bra. He pressed up behind her, his erection hard against her.

Julie turned in his arms, bringing wet hands up to his face, her gaze eager. "You're getting me wet." Laughter died in his throat.

She smiled wickedly. Then she pulled his head down and began licking off the drips that ran down his face. What this woman could do!

Then her hands came down and grabbed his ass, pulling him tight against her. Still she grinned, her eyes wide. She began moving him back toward the target. Hot damn!

It's doubtful Bubis let loose with a similar declaration of delight when she received a call from the Denver Post about her literary alter-ego. To her credit, she didn't deny that she is Jaxine Daniels -- but she tried to put Beantown Heat into a less politically injurious context. Her statement to the Post read in part:

"Ten years ago, as a stay-at-home mother who was helping to contribute to support our family, I took creative writing classes. One project that resulted from those creative writing classes was a fiction romance novel. The novel had very limited publication (less than fifty copies) and I took it off the market as soon I contractually could, which was around eight years ago."

Bubis also denounced "these sort of malicious attacks" -- but she didn't always seem shy about touting her writing. As noted by the Post, the "About the Author" blurb in Beantown Heat finds her describing herself as a "grammy who writes erotic romance."

In the end, Bubis lost in her bid to oppose Morse on July 9. But she believes her defeat came as a result of a conspiracy among powerful members of the Colorado Republican party to assassinate her character and extinguish her chances for elective office. And she wants millions in compensation.

Continue for more about Jaxine Bubis and her $54 million complaint against the state GOP, including photos, a video and the complete document. Once again, ColoradoPols led the pack on the latest Bubis development, with blogger Progressive Cowgirl sharing her "notice of claim...by affidavit of obligation." The document lists the following individuals as "debtors:"

Jeffery Adam Hays, Chairman, in his private and official capacity and El Paso County Republican Central Committee, and Ryan Richard Call, Esq. Chairman in his private and official capacity and Colorado State Republican Central Committee, and Paul Michael Paradis in his private and official capacity and Paradise Sales, Inc. corporation and Catherine Marie Roupe in her private and official capacity and Aunt Kit Per Nanny, Inc. corporation and William B. (Bernie) Herpin in his private and official capacity (hereafter individually and jointly "Actors").

And here are the basics of Bubis's claim:

1) Actors knowingly with willful forethought and intent to harm did steal copyrighted works of art of the Affiant author int he form of "Beantown Heat" (Book) a novel. 2) Actors knowingly with willful forethought and intent to harm did use the pirated Book to slander libel and defame Affiant author in the public by way of written, electronic and other means. 3) Actors knowingly with willful forethought and intent to harm did work to change the outcome of an election of which the Affiant was a candidate. 4) Actors knowingly with willful forethought and intent to harm did interere with the Affiants right to suffrage, freedom of speech and to hold a public office of trust and profit through their individual and compounded actions. 5) Actors knowingly with willful forethought and intent to harm did terrorize and brought fear to the Affiant with intent to threaten, cause duress through coercion in changing the outcome of an election.

As for the amount of the damages claim, the document states that "the ledger for this True Bill is based on the rate up to and including the calculation of 18 Million Dollars Lawful Monies of the United States," with that total trebled in the case of "a common law claim of harm upon a woman" to reach $54 million.

This section is followed by an "affidavit of truth," in which Bubis recounts the sequence of events in ways meant to show that the actions of assorted Republican officials and party heavyweights were part of a successful plot to destroy her. Here's an excerpt:

It's like the television shows where the police tell rape victims that, if they don't testify against their perpetrator, then the bad guy will do it again to some other unsuspecting woman. I feel the same way. This is not the first time the Republican establishment has destroyed good people. They did it to Dan Maes. They did it to Karen Magistrelli. They did it to David Williams. They did it to Sarah Anderson. They did it to me. There are probably others. And now, there are good people in the country, maybe even the state, who 'know better' than to take on the Establishment and run for office. If they can't find something about you and twist it and hype it, they'll simply make something up.

The Republican Party persecutes anyone who stands up against them. They try to publically humiliate you, destroy your reputation, make calls all over town about you and make you fearful even in the safety of your home.

Whether any of the events she describes qualify as actionable offenses or just politics as it's been conducted since the the dawn of electoral government is an open question. But there's no doubt Bubis is getting plenty of attention for her claim. The Daily Caller followed ColoradoPols yesterday, with Fox News weighing in today.

All the attention may not help Bubis electorally -- "I will never be able to run for office again," she writes in her affidavit of truth -- but it's certainly boosted her name recognition. Watch out for her next novel. It's apt to be a doozy.

Here's a YouTube video from 2010 in which Bubis gives readers insight into Jaxine Daniels, followed by her claim.

Jaxine Bubis Claim

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