Jeremy Yachik, Berthoud cop, charged with beating daughter for eating carrots and more

Update: Last week, we shared with you the story of Jeremy Yachik, a Berthoud police officer under investigation by cops in Loveland over alleged child abuse caught on video; see our previous coverage below. Now, Yachik has been charged with multiple child abuse counts -- and an arrest affidavit on view below details alleged punishment of his teenage daughter that includes binding her hands with zip ties, locking her in the laundry room and force-feeding her hot sauce for sins such as eating carrots stored in the family refrigerator.

As we've reported, the accusations against Yachik were made by his ex-girlfriend -- and Ashley Saint-Roberts is herself facing assertions of wrongdoing. As noted by 9News, Yachik's ex-fiance was charged in March with domestic violence, third-degree assault and obstructing telephone service, resulting in the following mug shots:

Saint-Roberts has pleaded not guilty in the matter, which is slated to be heard at trial in December. In addition, she's got another court date that month, for allegedly violating a protection order in June.

Consider this information as the backdrop for the account in the aforementioned arrest affidavit.

According to the document, Saint-Roberts contacted the Loveland Police Department in late September. During an interview, she "detailed years of physical abuse" allegedly suffered by her and Yachik's daughter when the latter was fifteen. She also shared a video of a man she identified as Yachik punching and choking a girl. The full video is below, but here's a screen capture from the clip, which we've lightened to make the image easier to see:

Saint-Roberts told Loveland investigators that she'd shared the video with Yachik's boss, Berthoud Police Chief Glenn Johnson, but no action was taken. Afterward, she quoted Yachik as telling her, "Nice try...trying to get me fired.... It's not going to work."

Likewise, Weld County Child Protection dropped an investigation into Yachik's alleged abuse after being contacted by Saint-Roberts. But she didn't give up, sharing the video with what are described as "multiple news and police agencies."

Of these, the Loveland PD took the lead, interviewing Yachik's daughter in conjunction with the Child Advocacy Center in Fort Collins. The document notes that during the report, the teenager "disclosed multiple incidents of child abuse she has suffered. She disclosed being choked, force-fed hot sauce, having her hands bound with plastic zip ties, being locked in rooms, punched, kicked, beaten with ropes, handcuffed and being restricted to eating food."

She added that these incidents had "occurred over several years and were almost a daily occurrence."

In a second interview, the teen got even more specific.

Continue for more about the arrest of Jeremy Yachik, including photos, video and documents.
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