Jesse Ventura blows the lid off DIA conspiracy theories! Maybe!

Denver International Airport has given rise to oodles of conspiracy theories involving Freemasons and the New World Order -- many of them documented in Jared Jacang Maher's 2007 feature "DIA Conspiracies Take Off."

So it's only natural that Conspiracy Theory, a new TruTV show hosted by none other than former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, should cast its suspicious gaze in the airport's direction for an upcoming episode.

In an interview with 9News pimping the project, Ventura offered one piece of DIA evidence: a reference on a plaque to the New World Airport Commision. "That doesn't exist," Ventura declares. "You can't find it. Why wouldn't it say the Colorado Airport Commission, the Denver Airport Commission, or maybe the county? But it has the words, New World Airport Commission, right on the dedicated plaque, and there is no such thing as the New World Airport Commission."

There used to be, as Maher reported -- but why let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory? Check out the 9News clip below:

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