Jimmy Fallon on Boulder and meeting Adele Arakawa at Burning Man

Yes, I, too, assumed that Late Night with Jimmy Fallon would be a disaster. But it's actually pretty funny on occasions, as demonstrated by a bit from yesterday's show in which the former Saturday Night Live self-chuckler pretended to do eight promos for assorted local TV markets over the course of two minutes (although it was more like five). Among the locales satirized was Boulder, with Fallon hurriedly donning faux facial hair, a floppy cap and a stoner's vocal cadence in a spot for Channel 9. The research department managed to get the right names of the station's main anchors, Mark Koebrich and Adele Arakawa -- not that Fallon cared much about their straight-laced personas. "Hey, Mark and Adele, it's Jimmy Fallon," he began. "Remember? We met at Burning Man." He then went on to claim that "our comedy's as savory as this organic trail mix," adding, "We're here to satisfy your comedy munchies with our hydroponic humor." His wrap-up? "Puff, puff, laugh, bro. Tune in and toke, yo."

If Koebrich and Arakawa tried this shtick, they could appeal to a whole new demographic. Watch the entire bit after the jump.

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