John Elway and Pete Coors top Jason Clark's quest for a new Craigslist running mate

Polish your resume and bone-up on the issues; independent candidate for Governor Jason Clark went back to Craigslist today to replace his departed lieutenant governor.

Clark set his sights a littler higher this time. Here's the ad, written in the third person with exclamation points, nicknames and all:

Jason Clark wants YOU!!!! For Lt. Governor of Colorado! This time it's different!! The Jason R. Clark for Governor of Colorado campaign will be on the ballot in November!!!! The Secretary of State has ruled we can "pick" any Coloradan when Jason R. Clark is elected Colorado's 42nd Governor.

This could be YOU!!!!

Here are Jason's personal top 7 (In order of potential willingness to be CO Lt GOV):

1. Janet "all Coloradans love her" Elway.

2. John "The Drive One more time for Colorado" Elway.

3. Pete "free Coors Light for everyone" Coors (or anyone named "Coors").

4. State Senator Josh "how do you like me now" Penry.

5. La Plata county commissioner Joelle "can't keep a good woman down" Riddle.

6. State Representative Kathleen "Write-in" Curry.

7. State Representative Cindy "the toughest fighter in the legislature" Acree.

Colorado! The political process of a representative democracy/constitutional republic is in jeopardy!! "the people" MUST make the process work!!!! It is not up to any political party, affiliation, corporate interests, lobbyists, or special interests who is the next governor of Colorado!! It is up to YOU!!!! - "the people".

Despite the wish list, Clark says he's still accepting applications from all qualified candidates. And who knows? If the governor's race continues on its current, twisted trajectory, a Clark-Elway administration might not be out of the realm of possibility.

But then Pete "free Coors Light for everyone" Coors doesn't sound bad either.

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