John Hickenlooper: Hear guv go off on KHOW's Michael "Brownie" Brown before debate

Amid the crazy scene near DU's Magness Arena, where last night's presidential debate took place, Michael "Brownie" Brown and David Sirota, who team up in KHOW's afternoon-drive slot, scored a broadcasting coup: Brown provoked normally affable Governor John Hickenlooper to freak out and call the host an idiot.

Hear it and see photos below.

The segment begins with Brown and Sirota discussing how Hickenlooper's spokesman had turned them down for an interview because of a prior commitment, even though the governor had been standing nearby talking to assorted members of the press for several minutes.

At that point, Brown, still best known as the embattled FEMA director under President George W. Bush, took his microphone and joined the gathered press. But as soon as he's heard identifying himself on the recording, Hickenlooper is said to have turned away, with his spokesman acting as his human shield. The sound of scuffling follows, with Brown accusing Hickenlooper of shoving him and Hick countering by asking why he'd want to talk to him if he's going to act like an idiot. In the end, an exasperated Hickenlooper agrees to have a chat with Brown and Sirota, presumably at some unspecified (and unlikely to actually occur) date. Afterward, Sirota is giddy about the exchange, telling Brown he clearly has the stuff to be a journalist.

Listen to the dust-up here....

As a bonus, we've also included a clip of Sirota chatting with Denver Post publisher Dean Singleton, who the host roasted in a recent Harper's feature article. (Disclosure: Sirota also quoted yours truly in the piece.) Note that Sirota, who thinks Singleton and Senator Michael Bennet have a too-cozy political relationship, subsequently snapped this pic...of Singleton and Senator Michael Bennet.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.