JonBenét Ramsey imposter pissed not to make Top Fake Celebrities on Twitter list

JonBenét Ramsey can't raise objections about the person tweeting in her name, having been murdered in 1996 -- which is presumably why fake confessor John Mark Karr's been trying to create a JonBenét lookalike cult.

But the faux-JonBenét can bitch -- and he/she is doing so about not being named to a list of Twitter's top fake celebrities.

"WHY THE FUCK AM I NOT ON THIS LIST?!?!?!?!" not-JonBenét tweeted earlier today. "SEND THEM HATE MAIL!"

The "them" in question is the How Stuff Works website, which published Charles W. Bryant's list of the "Top 5 Fake Celebrities on Twitter." His roster: imitations of Michael Bay, Chuck Norris, Stephen Colbert, Christopher Walken and, oddest of all, Darth Vader.

No love, or hate, for JonBenét, though, despite tweets like "Have you ever had one of those days where all you wanted to do was take some cute guy's butt and eat the fuck outta it?" Hard to imagine, right?

Of course, JonBenét isn't the first Colorado-based celeb to get this treatment. Note that even ex-Bronco Jay Cutler was impersonated by a phony tweeter. And there are numerous Tim Tebow wannabes out there, including one calling him/herself The Real Tim Tebow. Sample tweet from March: "If the Patriots draft me I will be so happy, but my first order of business will be to convert the owner."

No such look, Tim.

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