Kayleah Wilson's ex-boyfriend, Robert Montoya, didn't kill her, attorney says

The search for twelve-year old

Greeley resident Kayleah Wilson

ended in May with

tragic news

compounded by shock when prosecutors accused eighteen-year-old

Robert Montoya with having a sexual relationship with her


Today, Montoya's attorney tried to convince a judge to lower the teen's bail, insisting that his client had nothing to do with Kayleah's death.

Of course, Montoya hasn't been charged with murder at this point. However, the size of the bond on him -- $100,000 -- suggests that authorities haven't pushed him out from beneath an umbrella of suspicion.

That explains why public defender Kevin Strobel made a point of telling Judge Marcelo Kopcow that Montoya didn't have anything to do with Kayleah's disappearance, according to 9News.

Unsurprisingly, Kopcow didn't tinker with the bond and established trial dates for November -- which should come as a relief to the Prayer's for Kayleah Wilson's Safe Return Facebook page, a gathering place for her friends and family during the search that continues to be active.

In late June, for instance, numerous commenters marked what would have been Kayleah's thirteenth birthday.

The latest post, from earlier this week, is simple. It reads, "I am praying for Justice."

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