Ken Gordon: Unleash the power of the Internets!

Former state lawmaker Ken Gordon is a passionate advocate of online communication, particularly emerging social media, as a powerful tool in the service of democracy. In bursts of electronic energy, known as "e-mails," he's reached out across cyberspace to encourage citizens to get involved and start tweeting their elected representatives. Now if only he could figure out how to refresh his own homepage.

Gordon is one of the more amiable and accessible politicos around town, but he's also very old-school,and it shows in his frequent e-newsletters, extolling the campaigns of Andrew Romanoff, Stan Garnett and other Dems he considers soulmates -- Fighting the Power, as it were.

A constant theme is the need for citizens to get more in touch with their elected leaders. His latest screed instructs his readers to "go to, and and sign up with whoever your Congressperson is. Ultimately, communication over the internet will be one of the ways we free ourselves from big money election campaigns financed by special interests buying power and influence."

For those readers confused about how opening a YouTube account will bring them closer to Diana DeGette, Gordon goes on: "The internet can have a democratizing effect... If you have ideas about how to use the internet for political campaigns I would be glad to hear them."

Well, Ken, here's one idea. How about spiffing up your own website? The news and press releases there haven't been updated since 2006. The bio still lists you as Senate Majority Leader, when you were term-limited out of that job eighteen months ago.

And then there's this confusing second site, which offers your latest newsletters but shows up in Google as the "Official web site of Ken Gordon, Secretary of State of Colorado" -- the job that went to Bernie Buescher instead last year.

A Facebook or Twitter account would be nice, too.

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