Kenneth Banks Now Wanted for Two Murders, Including Montview Bar Death

Update: Last month, we told you about a double shooting at the Montview Bar & Grill in Aurora, during which a man was injured and a woman was killed.

See our previous coverage below.

Now, the Aurora Police Department has released the name of the person suspected of pulling the trigger, and he just happens to be the same man wanted for another murder — the killing of D'Andre Mayfield, who was found dead in a car near 47th and Peoria on November 23.

The suspect's name: Kenneth Banks.

The distance from the Montview Bar, located at 11680 East Montview Boulevard, and the 4700 block of Peoria isn't far.

Without traffic, the drive time is estimated at eight minutes.

Strangely, the name of the woman who died outside the Montview still hasn't been made public.

As for Banks, he's described as standing approximately five-ten and weighing 200 pounds — a slightly different description than the one previously offered by the Denver Police Department in relation to Mayfield's murder (six feet tall, 185 pounds).

Metro Denver Crime Stoppers previously offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to Banks's capture. Now, the Aurora Police Reward Fund has kicked in an extra $3,000, bringing the total to $5,000.

The contact information is featured in this APD graphic. After that, see our previous coverage of the Montview slaying.

Original post, 5:51 a.m. November 20: Early this morning, a double shooting took place outside Montview Bar & Grill in Aurora, near the intersection of Montview Boulevard and Nome Street.

The victims were a man and a woman.

The latter died as a result of her injuries — and thus far, there's no information about arrests in the case.

The first official word of an incident of the shooting came via this Aurora Police Department tweet....

...with a grim update following just over an hour later:

What happened?

According to Fox31, an argument took place outside the bar at around 1:40 a.m.

It ended when gunfire rang out.

Calls to the police followed, but by the time officers arrived, the victims were no longer on site.

Their whereabouts became clear soon, however.

Investigators received information that two people — a man and a woman — had arrived at a nearby hospital.

Both of them were suffering from gunshot wounds.

The man is said to have driven the pair from the bar to the facility.

There's no word about the man's condition.

But the woman didn't respond to treatment and has been pronounced dead.

Thus far, the Aurora Police Department hasn't released any information about a possible suspect or suspects.

Neither has any vehicle information been made available.

This is not the first time a murder has taken place at or near the venue.

In late July 2009, as we reported at the time, three people were shot outside the bar following a physical altercation between two women. Allen Pounds, fifty, died as a result of his wounds.

And this past August, a man was killed on the 1500 block of Nome, approximately five blocks from where this morning's crime took place.

Here's an interactive graphic of the Montview Bar & Grill. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

In these images, the location looks very different than it did after the shooting — or does at present.

But while investigators were still on the scene this morning, Montview is currently open to traffic.

If you have any information about the latest case, you're encouraged to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867).

Look below to see a Fox31 report from the scene.

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