Lee Grace Dougherty bikini shots become online peep show after family crime spree (PHOTOS)

This morning's capture in Southern Colorado of the Dougherty gang -- sister and brother Lee Grace and Ryan, plus their half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley -- would have made big news anyhow, given the trio's alleged recent crime spree and cross-country sprint. But Lee's past as a stripper, not to mention a Flickr account filled with flirty photos, has pumped up the fascination considerably.

As we noted this morning, Ryan had a reported fourteen felony busts on his record prior to today, while Lee had racked up five, including a hit and run -- leaving Dylan to trail the pack. But he's said to have participated in a rash of criminality possibly prompted by Ryan being forced to register as a sex offender, which might have prevented him from seeing his baby; his girlfriend is pregnant and due to deliver in January.

Whatever the case, the three are wanted for an August 2 police chase in Zephyrhills, Florida in which shots were fired at a police officer, plus a bank robbery a few hours later in Valdosta, Georgia, featuring automatic-weapons spray.

And this morning, following a sighting last night at an REI in Colorado Springs, the Doughertys are said to have been involved in another police chase in which bullets were loosed before they were captured south of Pueblo.

Meanwhile, Perv Nation discovered Lee's aforementioned Flickr page, loading up the comments section with scurrilous takes. Many of them are ultra-obscene or flat-out offensive. But we've skipped those in favor of ones that display some humor. Look below and page down to see screen shots with choice comments included.

Update: On the final page of this post, we've also included screen captures from the latest batch of Lee Grace Dougherty images to surface -- nude shots obtained by TMZ, which reports that they were taken days before the gang's spree. They're censored, but still NSFW.

Sample comment: "Damn, such a hottie .. I hope you never get caught! Run for Mexico sexy!" Photos continue on the next page. Sample comment: "Oh baby, you little jailbird..... You shouldn't have broken the law. I love hot chicks with guns, but bank robbery is too hardcore baby. The only place you should be causing mayhem is in the bedroom baby, you are too hot to go to prison!" Sample comment: "I am mesmerized." Sample comment: "let me add myself to the list of guys that will wait for your hot ass to get out of jail,..or marry you just to have conjugal visits!" Sample comment: "Don't listen to all these losers that probably live in their mother's basement jerking off to shemale porn. You are beautiful." Sample comment: "yes....you are crazy! damn slob." Sample comment: "this is my fave -- don't get killed or kill anyone, and I'll give you a job cleaning my pool when you get outta the slammer, ha!" More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Daryl Rasmussen, aka Ms. Puppy: Cross-dresser wanted for 2 murders busted in Cali."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.