Leon Barrett (No. 6): Man arrested for killing man outside New Birth Baptist Church

That old maxim about never bringing a knife to a gunfight seemingly pertains to an incident on Friday in which Leon Barrett, 54, has been arrested.

According to the Denver Police Department, the still-unnamed victim hit Barrett with a blunt object -- after which Barrett allegedly shot him in the man in the chest.

No formal charges against Barrett yet. Look below to get the basics from the DPD, as well as to peruse a graphic of the E. 29th Street scene, near New Birth Temple of Praise Community Baptist Church; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

Denver Police Investigate Murder at 1523 E. 29th Avenue

(Denver) Denver Police are investigating a homicide that occurred during the early morning hours in Northeast Denver.

Denver Police responded to 1523 E. 29th Avenue at approximately 1:12 a.m. after a man called authorities to report the shooting. When officers arrived they found the male victim suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The victim was transported to the Denver Health Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased.

Further investigation has determined that the suspect and victim were involved in a physical altercation when the victim struck the suspect with a blunt object. The suspect then produced a firearm and fired at the victim, striking him in the chest. The suspect, identified as Leon Barrett (D.O.B. 3-23-1956), was taken into custody and is being held for Investigation of Homicide.

The victim has not been positively identified at this time and no suspect mugshot is available.

Further information will be released pending further investigation.

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