Bar None
Am I the only person who noticed that Patricia Calhoun's most recent columns ("A Federal Case," March 14, and "Patching Things Up," March 7) were set in bars? Although I appreciated her writing, it seems to me that Westword's editor could focus her attention on more worthwhile places.

Rae Davis

Bravo, Calhoun! I was at the Lower Downtown District Inc. awards dinner and was appalled to find the Terminal Bar singled out for such a humiliation. Why doesn't LDDI pick on someone its own size, at least in ego?

Arnold Schwarzenegger might be a good start. Unlike his Planet Hollywood project, Nancy Archer's bar actually has some legitimate history.

Name withheld on request

Now the Fur's Flying
Thank you for Eric Dexheimer's "Fur Fight," in the March 7 issue. I was pleasantly surprised to read a city newspaper in which such a volatile subject was presented with a positive angle. My grandfather and my father were both fur trappers, and my nephew will most likely carry on the tradition. Contrary to what either Mr. Brock or Ms. Sommerville think (Letters, March 14), these men were/are neither cold-hearted (sic) nor were they ignorant bastards. I have no intention of trying to convince these two people that they need to mind their own fucking business; it wouldn't do any good. However, I would strongly suggest to them that if they were to become more concerned about pregnant teenagers, runaway children, gang-related violence, drug-addicted babies and a host of other societal ills, they could use their energies in a much more positive manner.

Greg Baca

Thank you for your informative article about the Deliverance types living in Colorado. It was especially heartwarming to learn how to drown a beaver, a class DPS should look into scheduling. Just a few words to the Grizzly Adams wannabes:

To Les Deason: You are an animal. Humans, to be exact, are two percentage points genetically from being chimps. To be even more exact, we are kingdom Animalia, phylum Chordata, class Vertebrata down to Pongidae family, which includes gorillas and gibbons. And having studied the Bible, I'd be real surprised if you did remember a verse that Christ killed any animal. Because he did not. Christ's compassion was for all living creatures. We are the ones who granted our superiority, not God. He gave us the responsibility to care for the world. He did not give us the world. Since I can see by the grammar in your quote that you are barely educated, I forgive your ignorance. But don't place too much importance on yourself.

And to Spencer Bridges: If man has always been a predator, why all the fuss about gang shootings or any murder? Just acting out our predator instincts.

To respect any life, one must begin with all life.
Kristine Wright

If the animal-rights activists get their way, the state legislature will be adding fish, mice, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates to the "pet list," which means that if a person severely abuses or kills one of these critters they may go to JAIL under pending animal-cruelty legislation. Step on an ant from your ant farm or a cockroach from your collection, flush a guppy or stab a nightcrawler with a dull fish hook and you could be off to the Big House. This legislation is ridiculous in view of the crime and other problems facing Colorado citizens. If this is all our state representatives have to do, they should close the session, pack up and go home.

Phil S. Justice

I had to write and compliment the objectivity of "Fur Fight." Professional work that tells it as it is on emotional and controversial subjects seems more difficult for others in the media. I've always preferred to form my own opinions, whether for or against.

I would like to say that even though I hunt and fish, trapping never really rated high on my list. However, after talking to a Colorado rancher who, along with his neighbors, lost around 700 sheep one year to coyotes, I cannot see eliminating it as some people would like to do. These people hired an experienced trapper to reduce the coyote population, preventing some of the families from serious financial devastation in a market that does not provide much for profit margins. I'm sure that this not only spared much livestock, but also many a fawn and elk calf not yet able to rely on their own defenses against an overpopulation of coyotes.

Mike Feller

The Right to Bear Alms
Regarding Eric Dexheimer's "Alms for the Not-So-Poor," in the March 7 issue:
Hooray for Jefferson County assessor Judy Pettit! For far too long, businesses such as Lutheran have oozed in/around/ under state and federal laws with their so-called nonprofit status, getting out from under their tax liabilities to the communities in which they flourish. They demand all the same services tax revenues provide but cringe in horror and amazement when expected to pay up.

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